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Gifts for Hosting Enthusiasts


I have been so looking forward to this week! Over the past few years, I’ve relied a ton on gift ideas from my favorite bloggers to choose the perfect items for my family and friends, and knew I wanted to (hopefully!) create that same resource for y’all this year. At first, I wasn’t sure how to frame these guides–to be honest, I sometimes have a hard time defining exactly what Something Pretty is about, and I try to put it in a box. Recently, I realized that I’m thankful for the opportunity to explore all kinds of things that I love on my blog, and I know that y’all have tons of interests too! That said, every day this week, I’ll be sharing some of my very favorite gift ideas for women who share five of my different passions: hosting, fitness, fashion, home, and travel. They include some of my go-to products, as well as a handful of the things on my own Christmas list, and things I’ll be picking up to gift to family and friends. I hope you love them as much as I do!

First up: gifts for the girl who will embrace any excuse to celebrate, keeps a fully stocked (and accessorized) bar cart, is both a gracious hostess and guest, and loves nothing more than opening her home to old and new friends.

gifts for the hosting enthusiast1. Kate Spade coffee table book: I can’t wait to add this new book to my Kate Spade coffee table book collection–it’s all about entertaining!
2. Rose gold bottle opener: A cheeky and useful addition to a bar cart.
3. Geometric vase: A midcentury modern vase to hold frequent floral hostess gifts.
4. Tassel wine glass charms:  A stylish way to keep wine glasses organized.
5. Minimalist candle: A New York-inspired scent in a simple design that won’t clash with her home decor.
6. Weekly planner: I just started using this planner and love it for seeing my weeks at a glance and planning dinners and to dos. The gold pineapple design is an added bonus!
7. Floral initial stationery: One of the sweetest stationery sets I’ve ever seen!
8. Elderflower and Rose presse: Natural soda that looks gorgeous on a bar cart and tastes delicious mixed with gin or vodka.
9. Pineapple serving dish: A hospitality-inspired piece that holds anything from fruit to keys.
10. Mint wireless speakers: Cute, convenient speakers that she can move from the kitchen to the dining room.






  1. Dana says:

    Love Gift Guide week already!!!! Great organization idea. Tech gift guides, or $50+ gift guides never really apply to me, but yours do! hooray something pretty!

  2. Victoria says:

    How cute are you! Love this. My gold pineapple SP is one of my favorite things ever!

    • Lisa says:

      Yay! I just started using the gold pineapple weekly and I LOVE it–the weekly version fits my needs a lot more than the daily did, and I was glad it just so happened to be offered in my favorite pattern :)

  3. Kristina says:

    Great suggestions! I love all things pineapple so the serving dish is right up my alley. I also have my daily SP in pineapples and I can’t wait to start using it in January ;-)

    • Lisa says:

      So glad you like them! Have you used a Simplified Planner before? They really are the best! :)

      • Kristina says:

        Yes, I have used the Simplified Planner for the first time this year. It’s been a lifesaver and really helped me step up my game when it comes to planning my weeks, months, and year. I’m just super excited for the smaller size of the 2016 planner :)

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