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April Goals


I hope you had a lovely Easter! Ours was wonderful and we are so grateful. We headed to 6:30 AM Mass (our barely-in-time arrival was captured by the news, ha!), enjoyed a big brunch at home, and then soaked in the sunshine at our friends’ house all afternoon. We have spent almost every Easter since we moved to North Carolina solo, but especially after last year, it felt especially sweet to celebrate the day in community!

March was a decent month for goals, I am happy to report! I was glad to open up to the spring goal refresh in my PowerSheets last week–as always, it felt like it came at the perfect time. Most of my 2021 goals stayed close to the same for now, but I have pretty much checked off goal #4 (and will just be in “maintaining” mode moving forward) and I’ve completely changed course for goal #8!

March Goals
1. Build trips to the adoration chapel into our weekend rhythm. (We went early in the month but not every weekend–tweaking this goal and moving it to April.)
2. Experiment with doing two meal prep nights per week (chopping ingredients, etc. for the coming days’ meals) to make weeknight dinners more seamless. (We missed this a few times, and I always regretted it! It is a GAME-CHANGER for our evenings when it happens.)
3. Add cardio back into my routine with jump-roping. (I forgot about this goal…insert face palm emoji here.)
4. Limit sugar and gluten and give up alcohol.
5. Prayerfully phase out of weekly therapy. (So, so thankful for this. If you are considering therapy and need a nudge, consider this it. What a life-changing nine months.)
6. Get ready to plant our first garden!
7. Curate 2020 photos for family yearbook. (FINALLY! Props to Emily for texting me multiple times to keep me accountable :))
8. Celebrate Dave’s birthday!
9. Put a list of spring family activities/adventures on the fridge and start checking them off. (The list technically did not make it on to the fridge till April, but we have been enjoying spring as a family so much!)

April Goals
1. Worship “outside of the house” weekly, not including Sunday Mass–this could mean going to the adoration chapel, a daily Mass, or confession.
2. Celebrate Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday (one of my favorite feast days!) well.
3. Keep up twice-weekly meal prep nights to make them a habit.
4. Jump rope!
5. Bake tasty treats for Easter and my birthday.
6. Design 2020 family yearbook.
7. Continue to enjoy spring activities as a family.
8. Finish painting and decorating my office/our guest room.
9. Take our second annual “Azelie in azaleas” photo at the WRAL Azalea Garden.






  1. Em says:

    Can’t wait to see guest room/office progress! We were a little early to the azaleas on Easter Sunday but I bet they’ll be beautiful this weekend!

  2. Mary says:

    Happy Easter Tuesday! That video of you guys walking into Mass is so priceless!! I love it! Also, we started going to daily mass as a family a few times a week over the last couple months and it’s been well worth it for the family time. You will love it!

  3. Excited to see the guest room come together! I’m missing my office so much these days!!!

  4. Teresa says:

    Always love reading these monthly goal posts, Lisa! I am with you — the Powersheets Spring Refresh felt like perfect timing. The news clip is fantastic. I hope you can download that for posterity!

  5. Dana says:

    Can’t wait for Azelie’s picture!!


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