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For This Feast: A Catholic Easter Table


For all of the many, many beautiful Easter tables I’ve admired online over the years, I don’t recall ever seeing one that was specifically faith-inspired. That is why I knew I not only wanted to share a Catholic Easter table for this month’s For This Feast post, I also wanted to round up some friends to do the same! I am thrilled to welcome Tabitha, Emily, Claire, and Cassi to this series–they are all sharing their own takes on a Catholic Easter table on their blogs/Instagrams today. I can hardly wait to see what they created, especially because I know each of our tables will be so different. Easter is THE most important celebration in the liturgical year, and with it comes countless traditions—some of which are universal, and others that vary beautifully throughout the world.

For my tablescape, I drew upon Dave’s and my shared Polish heritage, which has always been a great source of inspiration for us when it comes to our faith (one of my theology professors in college said, “If you squeeze a handful of Polish dirt, the blood of the martyrs will run through your fingers.”). As a result, you’ll find a few of our treasured family heirlooms and traditions in the photos below!

For this feast…

Lilies: One of my favorite moments of Easter is walking into the church–which had been bare throughout Lent–for the first time and seeing it overflowing with flowers, a clear indication of the celebration at hand! One of the most popular Easter flowers is the white lily, since the trumpet shape of the bloom symbolizes Christ’s triumph over death. I paired lilies with some of my favorite spring flowers: daffodils, tulips, and chamomile.

Butter lamb: I had actually not heard of a butter lamb–a symbol on the Easter table of the Lamb of God–before I married a native upstate New Yorker, where the Polish tradition is still very popular. However, I texted my 100% Polish mom to ask if she had them growing up, and she said she absolutely did–we just didn’t when I was a kid because she couldn’t buy them in the places where we lived. Thankfully, I tracked one down here! Traditionally, Polish families would bring their butter lambs (baranek wielkanocny) to be blessed at Holy Saturday and then displayed on their Easter Sunday tables.

Painted Easter eggs: Called pysanki in Polish, these hand-painted eggs are a staple of our Easter decor. Ours were passed down to Dave from his grandmother, and we love unwrapping them each year. Kendra Tierney just did a fun blog post that dives into the meaning behind colored Easter eggs, which is definitely worth a read!

Marian-inspired tablecloth: My love for Lovely Lady Linens’ Marian-inspired tablecloths is well-documented, and I could hardly wait to pull out this one from her Lady of the Valley collection! The soft blue hues set the perfect backdrop for my growing collection of Polish pottery, and I love the reminder of Our Lady’s role in this joyful celebration.

I would LOVE to hear your Easter traditions below, especially the ones surrounding your table! Wishing you a blessed Holy Week!






  1. Sara says:

    This table really makes me smile! It is so joyful! Those eggs and plates are stunning as well.

  2. Tricia says:

    This is such a beautiful and joyful Easter table! Love love all the special traditions too!

  3. Dana says:

    I wish we had the butter lamb! It’s so cute! Happy Easter!

  4. Em says:

    I never knew we had a history of Pysanki eggs in common!! My grandmother painted one for each of her grandchildren for many years, and we love pulling ours out every year!


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