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Azelie-Approved Gifts for Baby Girls


It’s hard to believe that Azelie’s first Christmas is less than a month away. In the time warp of 2020, it definitely feels like it should still be May, but here we are with a nine-month-old who might be walking by Christmas, if she has any say in the matter. We keep things pretty simple for first Christmases, gifting our kids their stocking (we do these Fair Isle stockings from Pottery Barn and just got Azelie the angel!), winter clothes, and a few little toys and books. Let’s be honest, the wrapping paper and bows will likely entertain her more than anything else on Christmas morning! Even so, I can’t resist doing a little bit of shopping for our best gal–gifts for baby girls are too sweet to resist :) If there’s a baby girl on your shopping list too, see below for some of Azelie’s current favorite things!

Azelie-approved gifts for baby girls

1. Gathre mat: File this under one of my new favorite baby products this year! I had been admiring the leather Gathre mats for a few years and bought one when I was pregnant. We used it as a super-portable play mat for the first few months, and now, it lives under her Azelie’s high chair. During our recent Virginia trip, we toted it along to go under her portable high chair as well. There are so many different uses for this gorgeous-quality, easy-to-clean mat, I now recommend it to all my pregnant friends.

2. Little Poppy Co bow subscription: It is kind of crazy how much joy and delight Azelie’s monthly bow subscription brings me! I’m convinced it’s well worth the cost because having seasonally inspired bows keeps me from buying her full seasonally inspired outfits ;) Use the code BOWCLUB for $5 off your first month! (P.S. They have an accessories subscription, perfect for mama-daughter matching, as well. On my personal Christmas list!)

3. Magnetic Me pajamas: We received some Magnetic Me pajamas as a gift when Azelie was born and wow…they are amazing. They are, by far, the easiest pjs for middle-of-the-night diaper changes, but they are also silky soft and come in really sweet prints. Love this garden floral, this pastel floral, and this purple block print!

4. Collapsible silicone snack cup: Azelie loooves Cheerios, so when we’re out and about, this is the container we bring them in. The no-spill top is a lot softer than similar cups we’ve tried, and I like that it has a lid and collapses when empty for easy storage.

5. Pastel stacking cups: This is such a classic baby toy, but in the prettiest muted pastels–yes please! Azelie loves knocking down our towers, taking apart the nesting cups, and, of course, chewing on them.

6. Silicone pocket bibs: Once a baby starts eating solid foods, pocket bibs like these are a must-have. These ones are made from BPA-, PVC- and phthalate-free food-grade silicone, stay open well (the pockets on some of the cheaper bibs we’ve used don’t, rendering them kind of pointless!), and come in a sweet range of colors.

7. Lift-a-Flap books: We added reading to Azelie’s bedtime routine a few months ago and these lift-a-flap board books are her favorite. She gets so excited when we sit down to read one and loves doing the flaps herself. They have a bunch of cute options, as well as sets of four.

8. Narwhal stroller toy: Our quarantine baby still hates the car, so we’ve tried lots of different things to help make car rides more bearable. While we don’t have a 100% success rate, this narwhal has kept her entertained/distracted more times than anything else, and it’s much cuter than many other stroller toys I’ve seen.

9. Solly wrap: Azelie is a little too wiggly for the Solly wrap at this age, but up until six months, we used it ALL the time! It’s my favorite product during the newborn days and both of my babies have loved being cozied up in it. The wrap is dreamily soft and lightweight–it never feels too hot, even in the middle of our North Carolina summers. The Solly team also has the biggest hearts for moms and they are one of my favorite Instagram follows. They are truly a special small business that I love supporting!

10. Leopard sherpa fleece zip-up: We got Azelie this snuggly fleece jacket just a few weeks ago and she has been loving it for our increasingly chilly neighborhood walks. I’m not one to spend much on clothes for babies at this drooly age, so I was glad to find a cozy layer for under $20.

11. Wood and silicone teether: You can never have too many teether options, and this simple one with both wood and silicone pieces is Azelie’s favorite. It comes in a bunch of different colors, as well as a few different shapes.

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  1. Tricia says:

    This is so great! Thank you! :) Have you found a carrier you like for her now? I have a 6 month old and am looking for my next carrier for her! Thanks!

    • Lisa says:

      We have an Ergo (The Original) and I don’t love it, but it’s fine for our purposes! One of my friends has a Sakura Bloom Onbuhimo carrier, and if I was going to buy a new one, that’s what I would get–it’s beautiful!


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