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Lisa-Approved Gifts for Women


It’s gift guide week on Something Pretty! I am the type of person who likes to look at seemingly every option on the internet before making a purchasing decision, just to make sure that I’m choosing the best possible item for what I’m looking for. Especially if you don’t have that personality type, this week is for you! I LOVE the idea that you can come to Something Pretty, find a recommendation you trust, order the gifts on your list, and go about your day, doing whatever you would prefer to be doing than scrolling the internet. I always look forward to curating what I hope are thoughtful and relevant gift guides, and I am especially excited about the twist I decided to put on them this year!

For countless reasons, gift shopping feels a little different this year. I think we’re all being even more intentional, budget-conscious, and careful about what we’re buying. That’s why this year, I’ll be sharing a gift guide every day this week (minus Thursday) that includes the items each member of my family already uses and loves. This way, I can confidently and enthusiastically sign off on every item, answer any specific questions you might have, and be a more educated resource when it comes to any of the gift ideas you see here! I’m kicking things off with my Lisa-approved gifts for women, covering my absolute favorite products that I think could be great gifts for sisters, friends, moms, mothers-in-law, and more. I hope you enjoy it!

Something Pretty Gift Guide for Women

1. Plain Jane women’s jogger set: Hold on to your hats, friends…I could go on and on about my love for these jogger sets! I’ll try to keep it brief with a list of why they’re my favorite: the softest, drapiest material (I think it’s the same material as a Solly wrap, if you have one of those!), the perfect not-too-fitted-not-too-loose cut, jogger-style pants that don’t get twisted when you sleep, a top that’s a little longer in the back and could totally be styled for daytime wear, pockets, and the prettiest colors/prints. Run, don’t walk! Currently 30% off with the code JOLLY.

2. Tortoise sunglasses: I bought these $13 sunglasses on Amazon when searching for a less-expensive dupe of the sunglasses Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I was amazed by how much I loved them! They stay on my face so much better than my Warby Parker sunglasses (which I have rarely reached for since getting these) and I love the round shape. I have them in tortoise and you can see how they look on me here.

3. Aerie Offline Real Me sports bra: Because if you’re wearing something with underwire every day, you’re doing 2020 wrong ;) I replaced my decade-old sports bras this fall and this one is my new favorite–it’s ridiculously buttery soft and I love the longline cut and strappy back. Very intrigued to try the coordinating leggings in the same material!

4. Velvet knotted headband: I wear headbands multiple times a week because I like when my hair looks styled, but I don’t actually have to spend much time on it! My favorites for winter are these velvet knotted styles from Loft because they are so pretty and never give me headaches. I have both the black and the mauve.

5. Chappy Wrap blanket: I can’t emphasize enough how dreamy these blankets are! Super soft, the perfect substantial weight, and beautiful pattern options. We keep ours in the living room (as seen here), and ever since we got it, we’ve snuggled up under it literally every day. I would get another one in a heartbeat, just to have a few pattern options to rotate. They are a bit of a splurge at $135, but especially in this year of being at home so much, I think it would make the loveliest, most appreciated gift. P.S. They have kid and baby-sized blankets too!

6. Baublerella Bling Brush: I first tried the Baublerella Bling Brush when I did an Instagram campaign with them a few months ago. I promise, the results are instant and so satisfying! My rings have never looked so good this often. Such a sweet stocking stuffer, especially for someone who is newly engaged or married!

7. Liberty of London face masks: For as long as we’re wearing masks, the $12 ones from this Etsy shop are the only ones I’ll wear. They are so silky soft and comfortable, and the pretty prints make mask-wearing a little bit less of a bummer (Something Pretty readers agree–I have never received more messages about a product I’ve recommended!). Surely a much-appreciated stocking stuffer for anyone who has to wear a mask all day at work.

8. Beautycounter Winter Warmth Duo: Out of the three Beautycounter holiday sets I picked up, this one is my favorite for gifting! It includes an illuminating powder and a cream eye shadow (the latter being one of my favorite new makeup products), both in glowy shades that flatter any skin tone. Since they’re both “extra” products (ie. not staples like foundation or mascara), I think any woman would love to receive them to experiment with.

9. Weezie makeup towels: We have white towels from our wedding registry, and over five years later, let’s just say the hand towels look less than stellar after years of my inevitable makeup stains. These makeup towels are cute as can be, super soft and absorbent, and, best of all, are saving my poor white towels from further damage! This would be a great option for any of those hard-to-buy-for women on your list, especially with personalized embroidery.

10. Simplified planner: I have lost count of how many years I’ve used the Simplified planner! With a simple, easy-to-use format, beautiful design, and high-quality paper, it hits the mark for me on every level. Pick one up for a busy mama, working gal, or college student on your list.

11. Tassel keychain bracelet: This was an impulse buy after too many preschool pick-ups juggling both kids, my phone, and my keys on days when I wasn’t wearing pants with pockets. The bracelet slips right onto my arm, and since it’s so big, I can always find it in a second, even if it’s buried in my diaper bag. Great stocking stuffer that comes in lots of colors!

12. Bobble cardigan: I bought this cardigan last September and it has been one of my most-worn pieces ever since. The boxy fit, balloon sleeves, and pom pom details transform a staple as basic as a cream cardigan into an outfit-maker. I’ve thrown it over everything from a white tee and joggers, to a striped tee and jeans, to a black sheath dress. I sized up to a medium because I prefer a little extra length and bought it when I was pregnant, but since it has an oversized fit, you could easily go with the recipient’s usual size.

13. Half Baked Harvest Super Simple cookbook: I have mentioned this cookbook countless times over the past year, both here on Something Pretty and in person, and I’ve gifted it myself multiple times! It really is one of the best cookbooks I have ever used. My complaint about the HBH blog is that her recipes are often time-consuming and call for LOTS of ingredients. This cookbook offers her signature flavorful, beautiful style, but in recipes with shorter ingredient lists and less prep time.

14. Classic loafers: Y’all, good shoes are kind of my weakness. They are what I will invest the most money in, what I enjoy shopping for the most, and what I think can make any outfit feel more intentional. It took some willpower not to include all my favorite shoes in this guide, but as far as gifting goes, I think these loafers are my top pick. I have had them for two years and wear them a TON (see a few ways how in my September and October outfit diaries), but they still look almost brand new. They are also incredibly comfortable–I don’t remember there being any break-in time, and I’ve never gotten a blister from them. I have the ultra-classic Saddle Leather, but I also love the Mineral Green (SO pretty), Baltic Navy Croc (fun!), and Cantaloupe (a little softer and more feminine) options.

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  1. I just got those Aerie leggings yesterday – they are a DREAM. I may never take them off!

  2. Em says:

    So fun! Eyeing that bra… now that I actually, you know, work out ;)

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  4. Dana says:

    Masks are approved for 8 hours of talking! Also love HBH Super Simple of course!!

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