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September Outfit Diary


I have a folder on my computer from 2012 called “Outfits” containing a few dozen mirror selfie pictures chronicling outfits I wore and loved throughout my last year of college. Much like when I come across recipe printouts from the year when I started cooking or scroll through photos of places I used to live, this folder feels like a bit of a time capsule. That’s the inspiration behind these new monthly outfit diary posts. I hope that they will feel the same way, while also giving you a peek into what I wear on a day-to-day basis. Don’t expect anything groundbreaking here, ha! I essentially wear a capsule wardrobe of pieces that fit my current stage of life (seven months postpartum, nursing, mostly being at home with the exceptions of school pick-ups/drop-offs, church, and errands), but I know many of y’all are in similar places and seasons. Most of all, I hope that these posts may provide an idea or two for new ways to wear pieces you own and love!

I linked items when I could, but for the pieces that are out of stock (in some cases, loooong out of stock…the beige cardigan I wore twice is a Mango favorite from 2009!), I tried to find an item with a comparable look and price point.

Olive Clothing striped shirt Striped long-sleeve tee, denim shorts, sandals

Ruffle-neck cardigan with shorts Ruffle-neck cardigan worn as a top (similar), navy linen shorts (similar), navy ballet flats (take 10% off with code LISA), braided headband

Pairing stripes and leopard print Striped top (similar), navy linen shorts (similar), leopard mules, magnolia earrings

White button-down, jeans, raffia mules, triangle earrings (similar)

White tee, leopard linen pants, navy ballet flats (take 10% off with code LISA), black skinny headband (similar), magnolia earrings

White eyelet-sleeve top White eyelet-sleeve top, navy linen shorts (similar), gingham loafers (similar), crossbody bag, cuff bracelets

Fall floral dress Floral dress (similar), beige cardigan (similar), loafers

Classic fall outfit White tee, beige cardigan (similar), leggings, loafers, velvet bow (similar)

If you have questions about any of these pieces or would find any specific details helpful in future Outfit Diary posts (sizing, occasions, beauty items, etc.), let me know–I’m all ears and eager for your input!






  1. Em says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post! We have a very similar style, so love seeing some combos I might try myself. Lovely, lovely!

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  3. I love all of your outfits, Lisa — they are very similar to what I am most drawn to, too! I’ve also been making it a goal to put on real clothes, even while working from home and not doing too many social events these days, and my mood and confidence are instantly lifted! I also love, love, love that small window where shorts and long sleeve shirts are the perfect combo!!

    • Lisa says:

      I couldn’t agree more! There is definitely something to be said for putting yourself together, even without anyone to see it. One of my good internet friends started a hashtag a few years ago called #worthyofwearing about how we should wear the clothes we love simply because we have inherent worth and dignity, and that is reason enough. I love that sentiment!

  4. Teresa Coda says:

    You are totally inspiring me to get dressed is something other than loungewear, Lisa! I am sort of still in the “nowhere to go” boat (my babies aren’t in school yet!), but if for nothing else than to feel good, I think it’s worth revisiting some of my favorite items.

    Also, I have to add, I am LOVING your three-times-a-week posting. Checking your blog and a few other blogs is my favorite treat and having regular posts to look forward to is truly making my life a little more delightful. Thank you!

    • Lisa says:

      Teresa! Thank you so much for that encouragement. I’m still getting into the rhythm of posting more, but it has been so life-giving and fun! I’m so touched to hear that SP has been a bright spot in your days!

      Love hearing that you’re inspired to revisit some of your favorite pieces! I have been especially excited to dig out some of the fall styles that didn’t fit me when I was pregnant at this time last year…they feel practically new :)

  5. Dana says:

    Leopard pants are cute!!!

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