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A Grown Up Halloween Party


While I liked Halloween as a kid, it lost its appeal quickly as I got older (college Halloween parties? Not really my style!). I’m sure it’ll be exciting again once Dave and I have kids someday, but until then, I feel like I’m in a funny, “in between” stage when it comes to Halloween. My ideal solution? A festive, but still elegant, dinner party, complete with homemade chili and cornbread (my family’s Halloween tradition), pumpkin decor done in an unexpected way, and, yes, a little bit of candy :)

Grown up Halloween partyTop: Denise Crew via Camille Styles, The Merrythought, Jose Villa via Style Me Pretty; middle: Joel Maus via Style Me Pretty Living, Rustic White via Waiting on Martha, How Sweet It Is; bottom: How Sweet It Is, Design Love Fest

Hope y’all enjoy your Halloween weekend, whatever you’ll be doing! And, just for fun, what’s your all-time best costume? When I was little, my mom dressed me as a pink Crayola crayon!






  1. Jadzia says:

    That crayon was one of my favorites!!
    I love those pumpkins! Can we do them for Thanksgiving?

  2. Dana says:

    My most vivid halloween memory is my clown costume. But maybe because that was the year Kristen was a rainbow hahahahahaha


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