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Fall Capsule Wardrobe Recap #2


I’m 2/3 of the way through my fall capsule wardrobe, and honestly, I still have no complaints! The weather has turned crisp and cool (at least in the mornings), which has made getting dressed and playing with layers a lot more fun. I hope you can see that in these outfits below! I am saving some of my overall reflections for my capsule wardrobe wrap-up post in December, but I have a few more thoughts about this point in the process below. First, outfits!

capsule wardrobe 1 and 2Left: tank top (similar), cardigan (similar), pants, flats (similar); worn to work and the grocery store
Right: dress (similar), jacket, wedges; worn to church
capsule wardrobe 3 and 4Left: shirt, jacket, jeans, smoking slippers (similar); worn to the pumpkin patch, and then changed into these wedges for date night in Raleigh
Right: shirt (similar), jeans, flats (similar): worn for church and running errands
capsule wardrobe 5 and 6Left: dress (similar), jacket, wedges; worn to church and brunch in Raleigh
Right: shirt, cardigan (similar), jeans, flats (similar); worn to work and then to the state fair (note to self: don’t wear pointy toe flats to the fair again!)

1. In my last recap post (find it here), I mentioned that accessorizing more has helped keep things interesting, and that is definitely still the case. I signed up for a free month trial to Rocksbox and am eagerly awaiting my first box to try to up my game a little in that department for my last few weeks with this wardrobe. P.S. If you want to give it a try too, use the code LISABFF596 when you sign up to get a free month :)

2. I am wrapping up my month of work travel, so there have been a few days when I deviated from my capsule wardrobe–I am glad I gave myself this wiggle room for these specific trips, and if I do a capsule wardrobe again, I’ll definitely build those exceptions into the process again as needed. I do think that coming from a capsule wardrobe perspective helped me mix up some things already in my closet, though, rather than buying a bunch of new things just for these trips (a habit I am definitely trying to break).

I think that’s all for now! As always, feel free to ask any questions you may have about the process so far, and I’ll have a larger wrap-up post coming up in December!






  1. Dana says:

    There is nothing wrong with buying new things for travels! I’m trying to decide how many things I can get away with buying for my visit teehee. The middle left outfit is very blogger!

  2. Kristina says:

    Just like last time, I would wear pretty much all of these outfits myself and I could probably recreate most of them as well. We are like wardrobe twins ;-)
    Are you going to do the capsule wardrobe for the winter season too? I feel like winter is the hardest season to do a capsule wardrobe and if you are going to do it I would love to know how you approach it. Happy traveling!

    • Lisa says:

      Love it! :) I think I’m going to do one for January-March. I always get so bored of my winter clothes, so I hope that being more intentional about them might prevent that! I’m skipping December because I’ll be in Dave’s hometown for two weeks, which is much colder than North Carolina, so I figured my coldest weather clothes wouldn’t fit for the rest of the season :)


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