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In Love With: Antiquaria


There are few things I love more than beautiful things, unique ideas, and nice people, and the ladies at Antiquaria have it all! After admiring their beautiful pieces in a shoot on Style Me Pretty a few weeks ago, I’ve been smitten with their one-of-a-kind company and adorable website. After getting the chance to chat with one of the owners, I love them even more! Check out my interview with Bailey Elon and see why I’m such a big fan of this amazing business!

{What exactly is Antiquaria?}
Antiquaria is a vintage housewares company that specializes in eclectically curated china sets, Pyrex, and mid-century pieces, all available for sale and gift registry. We also have expanded to include a vintage inspired rubber stamp collection of Save the Dates and Return Address Stamps. In addition to our shop, we also write a blog that features the inspirations behind our table settings. The next step for Antiquaria? We are hard at work on putting together our portfolio of custom invitations featuring beautiful print processes and found items.

{How did Antiquaria come to be?}
Antiquaria is the brainchild of two designers, Bailey Amon (Calligrapher and Stylist) and Emma James (Illustrator and Print designer). We met in 2009, and through many design collaborations, became friends. We both have a common and very unique aesthetic. We are both passionate about our visual surroundings and strive for perfection in everything we do. Our love of vintage dishes comes naturally for both of us and we saw the need for vintage registry services (Emma got married in 2010 and desperately searched for a service such as this). Bailey has been collecting china and housewares since high school (more than she could ever use herself) so it only made sense to start there, with her collection. We launched our web store in December of 2010.

{Tell me a little about the Antiquria wedding registry.}
Our gift registry services are very special—we offer the only vintage registry state-side.  Couples that register with us fill out their information and desired gifts and we set up their own little “shop” with all of their gifts in it.  Their gifts are reserved only for them until their registry closes out one month after their wedding.  Registering with us is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to register.  We shop locally and are selling things that have already had a life.  Not only are you getting completely unique gifts, you are helping save the planet from mass production.

{How would you describe your typical customer?}
We have met so much enthusiasm for what we do. Brides (and grooms alike) that love the look of vintage are thrilled to receive gifts from our registries. The demand for some china collections is so high that we have constant waiting lists to purchase or register for them. I think our customers really take the time to select what they love and care greatly about what is going in their home. I only wish we could meet every one of our customers in person!

{What are your personal favorite items?}
It’s really hard to tell, actually, because we love everything we buy. The collectors in us make it hard to sell anything!! Right now our favorites in the shop would have to be the Rio de Janeiro collection (it’s so fun and bright—perfect for summer), and a lot of our glassware is to die for! We really have something for everyone!

{What is your best advice to a bride choosing her china?}
We suggest to go for something that you love. I really think you will feel which collection is right for you. We have everything from a simple metallic collection, to the Rio collection, full of bright colors and patterns. Definitely discussing it and deciding with your new partner is important for most brides. Both of our personal china sets are inspired by things that we grew up with, china that was loved by our mothers and grandmothers. There is something special about that familiarity. Lastly, when registering, remember that while you may be in a small place right now, eventually you will probably be hostess to a Thanksgiving or two in your life, so register for the amount of china you might need for that—there is not another time in your life where people will buy it for you!

Thanks so much, ladies! I can’t decide what I like more–all the gorgeous antique china, or the adorable rubber stamps. Check out their website and blog to see much more! :)



Pictures from top to bottom: the Tribeca, Cobalt and Canary, Palm Springs, Rio de Janeiro, and Versailles collections






  1. That is SO awesome. Lots of people try to put these kinds of settings together themselves, so this is a great idea!

  2. Dana says:

    the rio collection is so cute! i like the red and yellow!

  3. Kristen says:

    how cute! i like the pictures!

  4. Jadzia says:

    Great advice to get your china as wedding gifts! You will buy the “practical ” things because you have to but it’s not so easy to splurge on things like china when you are starting out.

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