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Welcome to Something Pretty, my online journal of classic style inspiration, family adventures and memories, reflections on life and faith, and so much more.
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Ruffled cardigan

Yesterday afternoon, I posed a few questions on Instagram Stories that I’ve been curious about lately. The most important ones were these: 1. Do you feel like the way you dress right now, on a day-to-day basis, is a true reflection of your personal style? 2. If not, why do you think that is? As […]


Laduree-inspired first birthday party

After Charlie’s second birthday party, Dave and I started talking about the rhythm of birthday parties we wanted to establish in our family. When Charlie was the only one, it wasn’t a big deal to throw a huge party every year…but knowing we wanted more kids, we suspected we would eventually want to scale that […]


One year ago, Dave and I left our house before dawn to drive to the hospital, within an hour of when we had left when I was in labor with Charlie. Most of the similarities ended there. The first had been a 35-minute drive from our first house; this was a 10-minute drive from our […]


Inspiration has felt in short supply this week. I’ve been worried about my family and friends in Texas (SO thankful they have all had access to power for most of the week) and hope any of you there are safe and warm as well. I’ve hit some writer’s block and have felt kind of down […]


Lake Pajamas poplin shorts set in Hedge

One of the sales I wait for all winter, the Lake Pajamas Annual Sale, is now live! While I do think Lake Pajamas are well worth the investment, I personally only ever buy them on sale in this season of my life/budget. This is actually the case for many of the pricier brands I shop–I […]


It has been a cold and rainy week in Raleigh, which makes me all the more excited for the cheerful celebrations ahead! Valentine’s Day kicks of a slew of special days in our house–Azelie turns one on the 22nd, our dating anniversary is March 1st, and Dave’s birthday is March 3rd. These occasions are just […]


For This Feast Our Lady of Lourdes

Full disclosure, I pulled this tablescape together at the very last minute. For days, I have been refreshing the tracking information on the perfect Marian-inspired tablecloth that I was dreaming of using for an Our Lady of Lourdes shoot. Well, it’s on a USPS truck somewhere out there, and I didn’t decide until this morning […]


Beige pointed toe flats

At this time last year, I was prepared for a few months of keeping my outfits minimal and extra-cozy, being 38 weeks pregnant and bracing for the tricky season of postpartum dressing at the time. I certainly didn’t anticipate that some fancier pieces would still be hanging in my closet untouched for this long! Almost […]



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