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Welcome to Something Pretty, where I love to capture favorite memories, reflect on faith and family, and share the things that inspire me.
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Yellow gingham flats

Gingham and spring go hand in hand in my mind–I love the way the print adds a little bit of casual charm to even the most polished pieces, like button-downs or blazers. After I first spotted these yellow gingham flats, I couldn’t get them out of my head, and scooped them up on sale a […]


How to wear a house dress outside the house

I went 29 years of my life without ever hearing the term “house dress,” but that changed right around this time last March. Isn’t their dramatic resurgence over the past year fascinating? Fashion is always a response to history, global events, and the current climate in some way, shape, or form, but I can’t remember […]


Something Pretty The March Edit

Over six months into curating them, I now always look forward to working on these monthly Edit posts! It’s the perfect excuse to peruse my favorite online stores and to search for common themes or color palettes in the pieces catching my eye. Loooongtime readers may remember that I used to share weekly wedding inspiration […]


I am happy to report that the cherry blossom photo below is not an old one…it’s from last week! I caught the trees blooming out of the corner of my eye while I was driving the other day. When I went back to take some photos by them for an upcoming post, I didn’t find […]


Ruffled cardigan

Yesterday afternoon, I posed a few questions on Instagram Stories that I’ve been curious about lately. The most important ones were these: 1. Do you feel like the way you dress right now, on a day-to-day basis, is a true reflection of your personal style? 2. If not, why do you think that is? As […]


Laduree-inspired first birthday party

After Charlie’s second birthday party, Dave and I started talking about the rhythm of birthday parties we wanted to establish in our family. When Charlie was the only one, it wasn’t a big deal to throw a huge party every year…but knowing we wanted more kids, we suspected we would eventually want to scale that […]


One year ago, Dave and I left our house before dawn to drive to the hospital, within an hour of when we had left when I was in labor with Charlie. Most of the similarities ended there. The first had been a 35-minute drive from our first house; this was a 10-minute drive from our […]


Inspiration has felt in short supply this week. I’ve been worried about my family and friends in Texas (SO thankful they have all had access to power for most of the week) and hope any of you there are safe and warm as well. I’ve hit some writer’s block and have felt kind of down […]



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