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A Few Things I’m Loving Lately

Love List

Is it too late to wish you a happy 2022? My time and creative energy have been solely dedicated to Maylis and my family so far this year, but I don’t have any intention of taking Something Pretty down. Instead, my plan right now is to pop on every once in a while when inspiration strikes, especially to chronicle family memories (I love looking back at past trips and celebrations!), share favorite discoveries, and jot down whatever else I may feel like writing here. So basically, the plan is no plan, ha! Even sporadically, I’m happy to have a space to share in longer form and chat :)

1. Have you heard of Mille? It’s my recent brand obsession–I bought this dress on sale to wear to The Southern C Summit (seen above, alongside my sweet friend Jessica!), and as soon as I put it on, I was blown away. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s just so evident that the designer KNOWS what she’s doing. The dress’ proportions are perfect, it drapes beautifully, and it’s so comfortable and flattering. I’ve since added this statement-sleeve top, this block print blouse, and this tiered dress (to wear to my brother’s wedding this spring!) to my collection and am equally smitten with them all. P.S. Their pieces are a little pricey, but the brand occasionally has great sales, and I found both blouses on Poshmark. The billowy silhoueuttes are pretty flexible, so I have gone both up and down a size, making it easier to find what I’m looking for!

2. My mother-in-law was recently diagnosed with celiac, so we gave her this gorgeous cookbook for her birthday. I flipped through it when it arrived and promptly ordered one for myself too—the recipes are so simple and definitely more nutrient-dense than most of my go-to baked goods recipes. Charlie and I love baking together, so I’m excited to experiment with a bunch of these recipes! I made the carrot cake for Dave’s birthday and it was a huge hit.

3. If you’ve ever looked through one of my home tour posts, you may have noticed me lament about our living room couch. We saved up for it soon after we bought our first house, but didn’t opt for a performance fabric…BIG mistake. While we love the look and comfort level of the couch, direct afternoon sun from our first house bleached the light dove gray an icky shade of yellow. Add little kids and the inevitable spills and stains that refused to come out of the delicate fabric, and the result was embarrassingly dingy and dirty-looking. Last year, I discovered Comfort Works, which creates slipcovers for all different name brand couches, and we decided to give it a try. We went out of our comfort zone (no pun intended), opting for their Performance Weave Mineral Blue fabric, inspired by this dream living room, and I cannot rave about it enough! The company has excellent customer service and the slipcover fits like a dream, completely elevating our whole living area.

4. I collect holiday decor verrrry slowly, and now that I finally feel pretty good about our Christmas collection, I’m branching out to other holidays. Last year, I bought this blush bunny ginger jar from Lo Home for Easter, and now I’m eyeing this sweet bunny from her new collection.

5. Azelie turned two on 2/22/22 (hence the tutu-themed tablecloth above)! Her favorite present: this stroller for her Bitty Baby. I love its simple, sweet design, and the fact that it’s under $25, compared to $70 for the American Girl brand stroller.

Quite the random assortment, I know! I’d love to hear the first thing that comes to your mind that you’re loving lately too!






  1. Katrina says:

    Loved reading this post! These are my favorite type 😊

    A few thoughts for your celiac mama! My sister & I both have it.

    Honestly, once you adjust (this did take me over a year,) you don’t miss gluten. Just some encouragement!

    1. Jovial makes the BEST brown rice noodles. No other noodles compare in texture. Pro tip – after cooking, immediately drain & rinse well. This stops the cooking, keeps them from sticking, and gets the icky excess starch out.

    2. Sweet Laurel (you nailed it!) is great! Also *highly* recommend Danielle Walker, Minimalist Baker, and Defined Dish.

    3. Simple Mills makes the best GF crackers! Costco sells them cheaper.

    4. If you don’t have a Whole Foods or solid health food store nearby, Thrive Market online is a HUGE gift for GF stuff.

    Good luck to her!!!

  2. Sarah says:

    I was so glad to see this post! I’ve missed reading your blog these past few months (though it’s certainly understandable why you’ve had to pull back – I think
    I would do the same if I were in your position). I’m excited to learn more about Maylis and finally see the shoes!

    One thing I’m loving right now: cherry blossom season! I live in DC and the cherry blossoms are the best way to celebrate spring’s arrival after a long, chilly winter. Yesterday, a couple of my housemates and I decorated the front porch of our house with pink flowers, pinwheels, and streamers to celebrate :)

  3. Mary says:

    Love the dresses and the amazing slip cover!! Gotta check Poshmark now! 😊

  4. Dana says:

    I’m going to check that cookbook out from the library and very excited to explore this new clothing brand!


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