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All the Beauty Products I’m Loving Lately


Early in the summer, we ventured to our “new” library for the first time. (We were regulars at the library close to our old house, but since the libraries shut down so soon after we moved to our current house, it took us almost a year to scope out our new nearest branch!) On that outing, I made a fortunate/unfortunate, depending on your perspective, discovery…it’s within walking distance of a Sephora. For the past few years, I’ve done almost all my beauty shopping online, but it admittedly remains one of the few categories I love shopping in-person for. I could easily spend an hour poking through the aisles, swatching cheek stains on the back of my hand, spritzing the latest Jo Malone perfumes, and studying skincare box labels. There is something so therapeutic about it to me–it feels like part leisurely shopping trip, part treasure hunt. Prior to this discovery, my nearest makeup store was 20 minutes away at a mall I pop into once a year, around my anniversary when my rings are being cleaned. But now? Let’s just say that “going to the library” is starting to mean “going to the library and then walking around Sephora for a few minutes.”

I will say that this discovery came at a good time–my beauty routines were feeling a little stale. Products weren’t working quite as well as they used to (my skin changes a ton from season to season) and I was itching to try some new-to-me clean brands. I’ve found some gems over the last few months, and since Sephora’s holiday savings event is going on through the 15th, I thought it would be the perfect time to share a few!

Beautycounter Winter Warmth Duo holiday set

Ilia Multi-Stick in Lady Bird: I have been eyeing this product for ages, but the Lady Bird shade is a bit illusive. I finally found one left in stock last week, just before a photo shoot, and scooped it up. It is the prettiest rosy neutral that looks beautiful on lips and cheeks alike. Definitely going to be a new staple for me.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Brightening Glycolic Night Cream: I’ve been using Caudalie products here and there for over a decade and this night cream is my latest discovery. Two of my primary skincare woes are acne scars and dullness, so this brightening, hydrating moisturizer has been a welcome addition to my evening routine.

Ilia Fullest Volumizing Mascara: I have tried no fewer than a dozen clean mascaras (I always buy the mini sizes as testers) over the last few years, but never found one that checked ALL the boxes for me…until now! It makes my eyelashes look darker and fuller and stay curled long into the day. It is also literally the least clumpy mascara I have ever used.

Sephora Glide Liner in Chestnut: If I wear any eye makeup other than mascara these days, it’s usually a smudge of this chestnut liner, which adds a little bit of definition that feels just right for everyday wear.

dae Daily Shampoo and Conditioner: I was a little suspicious that this influencer-founded brand would be all about the aesthetic and then fall flat when it came to the product itself, but honestly, it smells so good, I was convinced to pick up the travel sizes to try. Consider me pleasantly surprised! My hair tends to get oily at the roots and super dry at the ends, but I think these products have balanced everything out well, and my hair feels cleaner for longer.

Plus, a few longtime Sephora staples:

Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo: I have searched high and low for a cheaper dry shampoo that works as well as Detox does, but I always come back to this one. It really does make my hair look freshly washed, and it smells so good (I get the original scent).

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen: I could never make myself put sunscreen on my face daily until I started using this one. It absolutely lives up to the hype–it goes on invisibly and has a primer-like texture that feels nothing like sunscreen. I haven’t skipped a day of wearing it since I bought it.

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in Rose: This moisturizing lip balm has the prettiest subtle tint. I wear it almost every single day, and don’t feel like my makeup is “done” until I’ve swiped it on.

Do you have any recent beauty favorites to share? I’d love to take a peek at your staples next time I return a library book ;)






  1. Emily says:

    I LOVE the dae shampoo and conditioner too! The fragrance is so pretty, and whether my hair is oily or dry (yay pregnancy/postpartum hormone changes 🙃), it always balances me out! I buy the value sizes during Sephora sales.


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