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Five Encouraging Postpartum Resources


Azelie is just over five months old, and gosh, what a five months it has been! Now that we are out of the fourth trimester and quarantine, I feel like I’m slowly inching toward some semblance of a routine and (dare I say it) sense of normalcy. It is almost impossible for me to compare this postpartum season to my last one, since the world has looked so drastically different this year than it did in fall 2016. What I can say, though, is that both have been defined primarily by the deepest and truest joy, the heartwrenching sweetness of a new baby, the continual need to face my insecurities head-on, physical healing, and a constant posture of sacrifice. It is a beautiful season, but it is not, in almost any way, an easy season, pandemic or not. Many of my online and offline friends have welcomed new babies over the past month, so I was inspired to round up some of my favorite postpartum resources, all of which have encouraged me and lifted me up in different ways throughout this year.

From Azelie’s newborn session, by Ally & Bobby

Promptly Postpartum Journal: Y’all know of my love for the prompted childhood journal I’ve been using for Azelie! A few weeks ago, Promptly released a beautiful new journal specifically designed for mamas during pregnancy and the first year postpartum. They created the prompts alongside certified therapists and the result is as intentional and impactful as it is beautiful. Their BOGO 50% off sale just started (with code PROMPTLYVIP) so it’s the perfect time to pick up multiple journals for yourself or as meaningful gifts for any mama-to-be!

Solly Baby Instagram/blog: I have saved almost every advice post the Solly team has shared since quarantine started (two weeks after Azelie was born)–examples include “Meeting Yor Top Five Postpartum Needs in Quarantine,” “A Guide to Having a Baby During Covid-19,” and “A Guide to Postpartum in the New Normal.” Every post is packed with practical wisdom and encouragement. Even if you have no interest in their products (though I love and highly recommend their wraps and sleep gowns!), they’re absolutely worth a follow.

@sarah.svendsen: My friend Sarah and I go way back–I wrote her wedding feature back in 2014 and then got to know her when she and her husband moved to North Carolina a few years later. She is now a mama of three, including two-month-old twin girls! She has a refreshingly honest and thoughtful way with words, and I’ve been loving her posts about this season for her and her beautiful family.

Coffee + Crumbs podcast: C+C has changed gears over the last year, switching to a Patreon-only model, but their podcast archives are a treasure trove of solidarity, wisdom, and laughter. A few of my favorite episodes for postpartum mamas are “Being the Village: How to Help a New Mom,” “Preparing for Baby,” “This is How We Do: Self-Care,” and “This is How We Do: Feeding Babies.”

Counseling: Whether you’re suffering from postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, or you simply need mental and emotional support during a season of drastic change, there is no substitute for professional counseling. If you’re Catholic and seeking a therapist who shares your faith, check out this directory of Catholic counselors or the convenient remote therapy options provided by Catholic Psych Institute.

Mamas, I would love to hear if you have anything to add to this list!






  1. Dana says:

    You’re such a great mom! And teeny baby Azelie awwwww

  2. Em says:

    Love you, friend! Agreed with Dana – you ARE a great mama! :)

  3. Teresa says:

    This is such a lovely and helpful post! I had been looking forward to it when you mentioned in a previous post that it was on your schedule, and it has not disappointed. I’ve been slowly working my way through all the resources you mentioned and it’s making my fourth trimester all the more special! Thank you!


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