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Love List

Love List

I am still taken aback every time I look at the calendar and see that it’s August! It feels as though summer just began, and yet, here we are with only a few short weeks left before school starts. I’m eager to carve out some time this weekend to reflect and figure out what matters most to me in this second half of the year, now that we have a little bit better of an idea of what that could look like. Dave and I have had some really good conversations this week that have brought some of our priorities into clearer focus. If you’re feeling as frazzled as I have been, here’s a gentle reminder that a good bottle of wine and a cozy spot for conversation can do wonders :) On to some recent favorites!

Ginger jar print dress | Something Pretty

1. A Polish clothing brand, Marie Zélie, reached out to me a few weeks ago about sharing some of their pieces and I couldn’t say yes quickly enough. After all, the majority of my heritage is Polish and Azelie and the brand share the same namesake! As if those weren’t reasons enough to capture my interest, their pieces are irresistibly classic and feminine. This ginger jar midi dress is my absolute favorite–with its flowy viscose fabric and stretchy waistline, it might be the most comfortable dress I own. After months in casual clothes, slipping into something this beautiful and fun to snap photos brought me so much joy! Take 10% off on their site with the code LISA10 through September 5. (It looks like this exact dress is sold out, but they used the same ginger jar print fabric on this top, and have the dress in other colors and prints here.)

2. We have been making these chimichurri fish tacos probably every other week since June. They’re so fresh and flavorful–exactly what I’m looking for in summer dinners. Even better, since the chimichurri recipe makes a double batch, I freeze the extras so that the meal comes together even faster (and with less dishes) the next time we make it.

3. I have only ever bought two or three things from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and am sure this year will be no exception. The one item I do plan to snap up ASAP is this jumbo-sized bottle of my favorite Drybar dry shampoo. I’ve tried a bunch of cheaper and cleaner dry shampoo options over the last few years, but nothing works as well for my hair as this does. The fact that it makes me feel like I’ve just stepped out of Drybar, when really, I haven’t washed my hair in days, is a major bonus.

4. I am so excited about the launch of Lovely Lady Linens, a line of tablecloths, pillow covers, and napkins with Marian-inspired designs. Y’all know I am all about easy ways to live liturgically, and it does not get much easier than pulling out the same special linens for every Marian feast day. I’m shooting something fun with one of the tablecloths this weekend that I can’t wait to share! A few more of my favorite pieces are these napkins and this pillow cover–so pretty! Thérèse kindly offered a 20% discount code on any order through the weekend with the code LISA20 :)

5. Azelie had her first solids this week! We went with sweet potato puree for her first food and she has been loving it. I had forgotten how adorable it is when babies first start eating, but she wasted no time reminding me. (I’m pretty sure she needs this precious Meal Blessing Set from Be a Heart Design now, don’t you think?)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! I’d love to hear–what is one thing you’re most looking forward to this last month of summer 2020? I’m still plugging away at this list and hope to cross off as much as I can!






  1. Em says:

    Oh my goodness sweet Azelie girl!! Good choice on the sweet potatoes! This month I am looking forward to getting back into some more solid routines – not exactly summery, ha, but nonetheless anticipated! :)

  2. Dana says:

    I made those fish tacos last week and Ian said they were the best fish tacos we’ve ever had!

  3. […] from Lovely Lady Linens, a new line of gorgeous, Marian-inspired home textiles. Like I shared in my Love List last week, it doesn’t get much easier than pulling out the same tablecloth every Marian feast […]

  4. Jennifer says:

    The Drybar Dry Shampoo is truly the best!! I’m always waiting for a sale or coupon to justify the purchase. So excited it’s included in the sale!!


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