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Love List

Love List

I always cringe to realize that I’ve gone a whole week without any other blog posts than Love Lists…sorry about that, friends! There are SO many things I want to blog about, but right now, it feels like there is no time at all to do it, let alone do it well. I know it’s just a phase (cough cough, Azelie Kirk, please let these recent 10:30 bedtimes be a phase!) so thank you for sticking around. I have high hopes for some fun posts to come over the next month, including a new take on liturgical living (!!), my favorite postpartum resources, a fabulously feminine dress brand I’m loving, and more!

1. We picked up some beautiful summer produce at the farmer’s market on Sunday and Dave proceeded to make three different cocktails with it! My favorite was a peachy gimlet with strawberry mint. Here’s the recipe:

3 peach slices
4 sprigs strawberry mint (divided)
3 oz vodka
2 oz lemon juice
Club soda

Muddle peaches and two sprigs of mint, add vodka, lemon juice, and ice. Shake, then strain. Top with chilled club soda and garnish with two additional sprigs of mint.

2. If I could have an unlimited budget to shop at any one retailer, it would be Tuckernuck. I always love seeing their new arrivals and can’t stop thinking about this chic shirtdress in blue antelope…the perfect combination of classic and unique.

3. I know I mentioned Azelie’s recent late nights above, but aside from that (which we suspect is her version of four-month sleep regression), she has been an absolutely amazing sleeper, practically since she was born. Thankfully, she is our second baby, so I know that there is only so much control I have over that ;) However, there are a few things we have done differently with her than we did with Charlie that I expect have helped set her up for success. We’ve been following the Sleep and the City sleep guide pretty much to a tee. Along with the paid program, she also has a great blog and newsletter, which I always refer to if I have a random sleep-related question.

4. Hanna Andersson is quickly becoming one of our go-to brands for kids’ clothes–such good quality, and the on-sale prices rival budget places like Target and Old Navy. They have a great sale going on so I picked up a few of these striped t-shirts for Charlie and one more swimsuit for the beach for Azelie. We also love their pajamas for Charlie, since they’re literally the only brand of pjs that he hasn’t worn through the knees of!

5. It’s NFP Awareness Week so I wanted to link back to a post I wrote a few years ago: Honest Perspectives from Catholic Women About Natural Family Planning. Especially if NFP is something you’re not too familiar with, I hope you’ll give it a read and feel welcomed to chime in with any questions, clarifications, etc.–I’m always happy to share my experience.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! I have a fun question this week: what’s your ultimate summer song? Mine may make some of you laugh…forever and ever “Ocean Avenue” by Yellowcard!






  1. Susanna says:

    Although I have loved Hanna Anderson clothing and recommended it to friends in the past, I will avoid purchasing from them in the future. Have you heard of the issues that have come to light regarding their leadership and issues of race?


    • Lisa says:

      I hadn’t heard of this–so disappointing. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Looking into a way to contact them to express that I would like to see this change moving forward.

  2. Teresa says:

    Oooo, I’m so excited for the upcoming posts that you mentioned — especially the new take on liturgical living and your favorite postpartum resources! And I’m inspired by your summery cocktails. So festive and fun!

  3. Caley says:

    Aw man, I just love Hanna Andersson for the kiddies!!


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