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2020 + January Goals


Here we are–a new decade and a new year!! I’ve really come to cherish the time at the end of December to reflect, dream, and plan for the year ahead, and this year was no exception. Like I mentioned in this post, I’ve been using PowerSheets for a few years now to formulate goals that really matter to me. Along with breaking them down into mini monthly goals that I share here each month, taking solid prep time to figure out my priorities for THIS specific year has been incredibly helpful. Before diving into 2020, here’s a peek back at how I did on my 2019 goals:

1. Focus on getting to know Jesus intimately and personally. This looked different than I expected it would, and I wish I had taken more action on the steps I had outlined. That said, 2019 was a year when I ended up needing to rely on and trust in the Lord more than ever, and that absolutely had a positive impact on my faith.

2. Celebrate the liturgical year intentionally. This was the goal that I made the least amount of progress on, unfortunately. After seeing such a positive impact on our family through liturgical living in 2018, I struggled with some icky insecurity about what we were doing and why we were doing it in 2019. I’m feeling a lot more clarity after some serious prayer and reflection, and plan to pick it back up in the year ahead.

3. Drastically cut down on screen time in favor of reading, quality time, hobbies, and genuine rest. Yes! I feel great about this goal, despite the fact that screen time inevitably picked up early in both my pregnancies last year when I was so sick and tired. Even so, I feel like Dave and I changed our attitudes toward TV significantly.

4. Foster contentment and joy in our home–continue to make our space work for us and reflect our lives and personal style. I do feel like we made great progress on this in our old house, so even though our year ended in an unexpected move, I consider this goal a success.

5. Grow in physical strength and prioritize good fuel for my body. I went through some great phases with working out and eating well in 2019, particularly at the beginning of the year (right after my half-marathon!) and after our miscarriage. While it wasn’t as consistent as I might have hoped, I’m proud of what I did accomplish in this area…and am especially proud of what my body is doing right now.

6. Treat Something Pretty like a business and create the best-quality content I can in 2019. Investing in a new design was a big step here that I’m thrilled about! Dave and I also spent some intentional time learning more about photography, making our shoots more efficient and enjoyable. My posting was more sporadic than I would have liked, but I’m aiming to get back into a good routine this year.

7. Create heirloom-quality family yearbooks for 2015-2019. 2015 and 2016 are totally done and I’m proud of that! Curating my 2017 photos has been taking ages, since it’s the year when Dave and I took more photos than ever, thanks to our cute baby ;) I’m not making it an official goal, but I do plan to finish 2017 and 2018 albums this year.

8. Grow in my role at Gal Meets Glam and exceed expectations at every opportunity. Supporting some big new launches at work this year was very rewarding to me! I am proud of a few particular changes I spearheaded and am excited about what’s ahead for the new year :)

Some of my 2020 goals look a little bit similar, but overall, I’m excited that they feel more specific and intentional. Here’s what I’ll be working on, along with my inspiration board for the year!

Clockwise from top left: unknown, Kelli Seeley, Something Pretty, Be a Heart, Kristen Kilpatrick via Camille Styles, Amber Thrane, unknown, Hello Fashion, Country Living

2020 Goals
1. Grow in love for God specifically through spending time in His Word, fostering a deeper love of Scripture, and better soaking in what I read each day. I’ve read the daily readings for years, but too often, it seems like it doesn’t go much further than my eyes. My tendency with spiritual goals is to try to “do more,” but this time, my prayer is that what I’m already doing can become more impactful.

2. Cultivate JOY in my family and from my family. After a year marked with sorrow, sickness, and trials, I’m all too ready for a new year that is marked instead by joy. I have a handful of action steps I’m eager to experiment with to bring this semi-abstract goal to life :)

3. Create and stick to systems for stewarding our home well. Now that we no longer live in a house we can clean from top to bottom in an hour or two (ahem, which happened out of necessity more than once in our old house!), I know we need to get a handle on chores/maintenance so it doesn’t build up and overwhelm us.

4. Slowly and intentionally create a home environment that reflects our family and serves us well in this season of life. I’m so eager to “finish” our house ASAP, but also want to make very intentional decisions, stick to our budget, and make things work for right now, knowing our home will evolve over the many years we hope to be here.

5. Institute purposeful monthly prep time. Too many late birthday wishes and delayed appointments over the last year! As our family schedule grows more complex with the addition of a second little one, I expect that having intentional prep time will only grow more helpful.

6. Create new healthy habits and routines in a different focal area each month. I have a fun idea for this that I’m excited to share more about soon!

7. Use my creative passions to both keep myself motivated and inspired, and to encourage others. From liturgical living to building an intentional wardrobe, I’ve realized that sharing different things I love contributes to my motivation to prioritize and live those things out. This realization has been firing me up so much for my TENTH year of blogging this year!

8. Make time to rest and be recharged each week of this year. As you might remember, “rest” was my word for 2019, and it truly did impact me for the better. I hope to take what I learned about true rest over the last year and apply it in an intentional way by scheduling and then recording one way to rest well each week.

January Goals (Already checked off a few yesterday!)
1. Compose a short prayer to say before doing the daily readings (I have them sent to my inbox via Blessed Is She) each morning. Write it out and stick it in my journal so I’ll see and say it every day.
2. Make a list of activities that our whole family finds joy in and add a few to our January calendar.
3. Write an updated list of house chores and split them up with Dave. Post the lists near our family calendar.
4. Decorate the nursery!
5. Write a monthly prep time checklist to refer to each month.
6. Map out twelve wellness focal areas for the years + blog my action steps for January.
7. Share how we’re celebrating Ordinary Time.
8. Write out ideas for activities I find truly restful that I can choose from each week.






  1. Kristina says:

    Happy New Year, Lisa! I’m not quite done setting goals for 2020 but since I still consider this week an in-between week and only the 7th of January the “official” beginning of the new year, I’m right on track and ready to get back into my routines over the next couple of days ;-)

    Love your January goals and I cannot wait to hear more about how you celebrate Ordinary Time!

  2. Sarah says:

    Joy is something that I’ve noticed has been missing from my day-to-day life recently, so I also made cultivating joy a goal for me this year! I’ve been having trouble coming up with concrete ways to do this because, as you wrote, it’s a more abstract goal. It seems pretty serendipitous that you also want to cultivate joy, and I hope you’ll consider writing some posts in the future about joy, or the specific ways you’re trying to create more joy : )

  3. Em says:

    Monthly prep days = game changer! Love all of these goals and can’t wait to follow along as you work on them! :)

  4. Emma says:

    What a robust post; I love it! I really like the idea of focusing on 12 different areas of health and making lists for joy and rest to refer to as the year goes on. I think I’ll be implementing some of your goals to my own! :) and lol to the house cleaning thing! Happy new year and I hope it’s a great one for you <3

    • Lisa says:

      I’m excited to share more! We’ll see how it goes, but one focal area per month felt a lot more approachable than a bigger overhaul in a year that will take me from pregnancy, to postpartum, to life with a second child in general :) Happy New Year to you, Emma!!

  5. Dana says:

    I verbally set my grade goal with my classes today and trying to figure out how to do weekly check-ins with them that feels like they’re individually and collectively working towards improvement. Goal-setting is very new for me! So baby steps and trial and error.

    • Lisa says:

      Your goal-setting for school sounds like a whole different ball game, since the results are not all in your hands! But I’m so proud of you for making your goal last semester and have no doubt you will again. Your students are so lucky to have you <3


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