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Second Trimester Favorites 2.0


Does the second trimester always fly by? Mine definitely did, and let’s just say I didn’t waste the boost in energy—those three months were filled with traveling, packing, moving, working, and so much more! I’m now 33 weeks, so well into my third trimester, but drafted this post before Christmas while my second trimester favorites were still fresh in my mind. In the midst of a full schedule, some sweet and special things took place that I think will always stand out in my memories of this pregnancy.

Along with the big moments like our first days in our new house and our babymoon, one that really stands out to me is the opportunity to model in the Simplified shoot. I DMed my longtime Instagram friend, Whitney, when she mentioned they were looking for someone pregnant to model in the shoot, and was honored when she invited me to join them. I shared a little about this on Instagram, but body image was a big struggle for me when I was pregnant with Charlie. I was determined to change that this time around, and so far, have had a much more positive and joyful experience of seeing my body change as baby girl grows. Being not only asked to model for a brand I love while pregnant, but also partially because I’m pregnant, was an unexpectedly sweet encouragement and gift to me. The day was so relaxing and fun…not to mention, the BEST break from packing!

It was interesting heading into my third trimester this second time around. I’ve never shared Charlie’s birth story publicly, but I was VERY blessed with what my midwife called a “textbook delivery”–very straightforward, as-expected, and uncomplicated. I was terrified of giving birth beforehand (like, had to leave birth class multiple times because I started crying!) and now that that is on the horizon again, that fear has been creeping back in a little. On one hand, it’s helpful to know better what to expect, but on the other, I feel like I can’t possibly be lucky enough to have another delivery as smooth as my first one. The biggest distraction from my nerves about birth, though, is figuring out how to make sure Charlie is taken care of and extra-loved through those days. Baby girl is due smack dab in the middle of flu season, so he won’t be able to come to the hospital to meet her (hospital policy). Trying to coordinate our parents coming into town, planning ahead for whatever Charlie needs, and figuring out backup plans in case I go into labor early makes my head spin! I know people have second babies all the time, so please let me know all your advice if you’ve navigated a similar situation–I need it :)

On to a few products I loved during the middle of my pregnancy!

Blanqi maternity leggings: I’ve mentioned these a few times now, but after asking for recommendations on Instagram, I bought these crowd-favorite maternity leggings. I have been living in them ever since! They stay put SO well and actually feel supportive without being too tight. Their awesome Black Friday sale is sadly over, but I promise they are worth every penny full-price!

Wegman’s black cherry vanilla seltzer: I only ever drink soda at fast food restaurants, but crave it so much when I’m pregnant! Wegman’s opened its first Raleigh location in September and I was excited to be able to grab my favorite store-brand seltzer there, since the black cherry vanilla flavor tastes a little like Dr. Pepper.

Eos chapstick: Super dry lips have been one of my more annoying symptoms, and since I didn’t have a chapstick I was loyal to, I grabbed an Eos ball on a whim at Target. I’d never used the brand before but am really liking it, and you can’t beat the price or ready availability.

Heating pack: I peeked back at my pregnancy posts from Charlie, and sure enough, my heating pack from this shop made the list then too. Mine is still going strong and was an absolute lifesaver during the packing/moving days when I was on my feet all day long, doing a number on my lower back. I definitely notice a difference in the morning if I use this for a while before bed…in fact, I’m using it as I type this!

Trader Joe’s five-seed almond bars: My appetite has been increasing recently, so these tasty bars are my mid-morning snack of choice. They’re also my go-to breakfast while traveling.

Yeti tumbler: Dave has been the best influence on my water drinking habits—he is almost never out of arm’s reach from his Yeti tumbler. I asked for one last Christmas and now never go anywhere without it!

Ritual vitamins: I switched to Ritual’s prenatal vitamin a few months ago and haven’t looked back. The lemon scent is so much more pleasant the icky fish smell of my old prenatals, and the subscription model makes restocking an empty bottle totally effortless.






  1. Em says:

    Oh my gosh, I am with you on planning for the first child’s care while anticipating the second child!! It was an endless puzzle to me. Unfortunately, I don’t have the perfect solution — the best I could come up with was having good friends on standby if baby boy arrived before my Mom! Hooray for being in your final trimester! :)

  2. Dana says:

    So close to meeting the baby!!! Yay!!!


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