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May Goals


We’ve had a slow start to the week since we spent yesterday traveling home from Texas! Serendipitously, my high school best friend’s wedding fell the same weekend as the Ironman Triathlon (2.6-mile swim + 112-mile bike ride + 26.2-mile run) that my dad was competing in for the first time, so along with cheering him on before the race and at the swim-to-bike transition, we also got to see all of my siblings who drove in from Austin to be there for him as well. It was a wonderful long weekend all around and I’m so grateful for the time we got to spend with everyone! My dad has dreamed of completing an Ironman for 35 years and I am unbelievably proud of him. It definitely lit a fire under me to start working toward one of my long-time fitness goals of running a race alongside him someday–we picked out a half-marathon on January 1, 2019, so if you have any tips (or suggestions for jogging strollers), I’d love to hear them!

(Note: this year, I’m setting a monthly goal per yearly goal. I hope it’s fun to follow along with my specific goal progress!)

April Goals
1. Pray the Divine Mercy Novena and read sections of Divine Mercy in My Soul during morning prayer
2. Tweak Rule of Life to implement some more regular chores
3. Decorate front steps and plant flowers by the mailbox (Decided to move this to May so our flowers don’t all die during our spring travels)
4. Go on a date night (Not technically, but we did spend our first night away from Charlie to attend the wedding, which felt like a 24-hour date! Happy to report that Charlie and I both survived ;))
5. Send out thoughtful cards/gifts for April weddings and birthdays
6. Keep up my twice-weekly workout classes and go on one long walk per week
7. Outline a special writing project I’ve been dreaming up
8. Have a finance meeting with Dave
9. Read My Sisters, the Saints (Bought this, but tabled it in favor of a fiction book–I haven’t read fiction in ages!)

May Goals
1. Plan ahead for May Feast Days we want to celebrate
2. Tweak Rule of Life to implement some more regular chores and updated routines for spring, and finally blog about our Rule of Life
3. Decorate front steps and plant flowers by the mailbox
4. Celebrate our third anniversary tomorrow!
5. (Keeping my long-distance friendships goal under wraps this month to maintain a surprise for someone :))
6. Buy new running shoes and find a half-marathon training plan!
7. Exceed expectations for the freelance projects I have due this month
8. Have a finance meeting with Dave
9. Continue reading Brideshead Revisited






  1. Natalie says:

    I love Hal Higdon’s half marathon training plans. He has a lot of different ones for different levels. I find them the most flexible/least intimidating!

  2. Connie says:

    It was wonderful to see you and Dave at the wedding. I got caught up through my Dave and Natalie. You looked beautiful in your blue dress ????. Happy, happy anniversary.

  3. Sarah says:

    My number one tip for half marathon training is to join a training team! I personally need the accountability of others expecting me to show up to do those long runs. When I do it, I’m so happy, but there’s absolutely no way I would get out there and run more than 3 miles consistently on my own. Plus, then you have someone else planning out enjoyable, safe routes, which is really nice. Running as a group also helps make you more visible to cars. It’s ok if you’re not trying to chat during runs- many people don’t, but just join groups for the accountability, and that’s totally fine!

    I’d also recommend investing in a few key items before you start to avoid annoying things that come along with running distance- 1. Body glide for anywhere that skin and clothing touch to avoid chafing (gross I know, sorry), 2. Good running socks to avoid blisters, and 3. Reflective gear for your body and blinky LED lights for your shoes if you’re going to train in any manner of low light-safety first!

  4. Kristina says:

    What a fun goal to run a race with your dad! My dad is a marathon runner as well but sadly only one of us siblings has inherited the running gene – sadly, it’s not me ;-) But I have always loved to be part of race day and to cheer on my dad. It’s always such a fun atmosphere!

  5. Tegan Valentine says:

    I always use the Nike running app to train for half marathons! They have free training programs that adapt each week and it’s great!

  6. Dana says:

    We had fun babysitting Charlie! So happy to see you all!

  7. Em says:

    Half marathon!! Yeah girl!

  8. Jennifer says:

    love reading your goal posts Lisa, they are always so inspiring to me and so fun to read! Happy Anniversary! I can’t believe that was already 3 years ago- it’s crazy how time flies!

  9. Anneka says:

    Hey Lisa,

    I love your goals and you must be so proud of your dad! For half-marathon training, look up Emily Jackson’s Running Guide on her blog (theivorylane) – it’s specifically for women and has rave reviews!

    I know you can do it! And Happy Anniversary for today!

  10. Dad says:

    I should have sent Jeff Galloway’s book home with you. He is the run-walk program advocate I have been using for many years. Thanks for the shoutout and thanks for coming! I’m still smiling six days later.


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