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A Cute and Casual Spring Shirtdress


One thing that has changed significantly since I became a mom is that I shop differently. The questions I used to ask were “Do I like this? Does it look good on me? Is it in my budget?” And that’s about it! But now? On top of those questions, I ask myself:

Does this really work for my everyday life?
Can it go in the washing machine? (Anything dry clean only is a NO!)
Will I be able to wear it when I’m pregnant/post-partum again someday?
Will I be able to wear it when I’m nursing again someday?

I’ll still buy something sometimes if the answers to the last two questions are no, but since we hope to have more babies someday, I think it’s worth it to consider them. When I find something that elicits a yes to alllll of those questions, though, I almost definitely pull the trigger, and that’s exactly what happened when I was looking for a casual spring dress that I could dress up or down for church, weekends, and activities that don’t necessarily require me to sit on the floor ;) This Madewell dress checks all of the boxes and is so cute and fun to wear!

Striped shirtdressRuffle sleeve striped shirtdressRaleigh azalea gardenBlush Kate Spade toteMadewell shirtdressStriped shirtdress, flats (similar here and here), tote bag (similar), bracelet (similar), blush watch, lip gloss

I kept this look classic with simple accessories and flats, but I’d also pair it with wedges for dressier occasions or sandals for casual weekend outings. I don’t think I personally can pull off dresses with sneakers, but if you’re the type who can, I think it would be cute with white sneakers and a denim jacket too ;)

A quick note on sizing: this dress is supposed to fit loosely, but I still sized down to an XS (I usually wear a size 4 and am 5’5″). It’s currently on sale and at the time I’m writing this, it’s still available in most sizes!

P.S. Here’s what happens when you let your toddler run around while your husband snaps your photos:

Efficient: nope. Precious/totally worth it? Definitely. :)






  1. Darby Ratcliff says:

    Those are the same questions I ask myself before purchasing clothing now, especially “is this nursing friendly?”.

  2. Sam says:

    Super cute! Love stripes for spring!


  3. Dana says:

    The dress I wore for my engagement pics is basically the same; we should wearing matching outfits!!!

  4. Jennifer says:

    love this outfit! so cute and perfect for summer!!


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