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Christmas Gift Guide: For Gents


Y’all, this is new territory for me…I’ve never done a Christmas gift guide for men before! Thankfully, I had plenty of help–Dave gave each of these products his stamp of approval. It seemed only fitting that he was the one to share why he liked each gift idea, so I’m excited to say that you’ll find his thoughts below! I suppose this is his first Something Pretty guest post…it was about time, don’t you think? :)

(Anything over $50 is starred!)

1. Lake Effect Co. baseball tee: Being from Upstate New York, I grew up on lakes. This company channels that feeling into clothing you’d want to be in while out on the water. A lot more than just this shirt from Lake Effect Co. are on my list this Christmas!

2. George Strait 50 Number Ones: The king! What else can I say?

3. Credit card tool: Because who doesn’t need to be able to measure, saw and open a bottle cap on the go, in one fell swoop?

4. Wooden muddler: Even though I’ve never tended bar in my life, I think every guy could use the tools to look the part when guests come over. While the bag comes with a mojito recipe, I’d go with a rye old fashioned using this muddler.

5. Chemex: Once a few friends showed me their Chemex coffee makers and I tasted the result, I was hooked. I believe I’m now up to a (slightly pretentious) total of six coffee making devices in our house including this. Pair with some Counter Culture coffee for the perfect cup of jo.

6. Striped wool smartphone gloves: Perfect for those cold morning commutes, while still having fingers free to switch podcasts or text the wife (at a stoplight, of course).

7. Capital Gaines: Of course, Lisa and I are big Fixer Upper fans…by that, I mean, we wish we could do at least 1% of the things Chip and Jo do on the show. Chip’s book about his journey in life is definitely on my list, as a wannabe-entrepreneur-and-fixer-of-things.

*8. Counterman set: I started using a safety razor right after college after getting fed up with pricey blades, and now that I’m getting older, I care a lot more about the quality of products I use and what I put on my face. This travel set from Beautycounter is exactly what your guy needs to kick the shaving cream and disposable razor out the window. (From Lisa: Sadly, this sold out in nine hours after its launch yesterday! Check out this set as a great alternative for your gent until it comes back in stock.)

9. Moscow Mule Carry On Cocktail Kit: Traveling doesn’t have to be all that bad. Airlines may not give you a copper mug, but you don’t need one to enjoy a Moscow mule on the fly with this kit.

*10. Navy suede belt: “Belt has to match your shoes,” says the guy in generic suit store. Forget that, and have some fun with this suede belt. I’d pair it with some colorful slacks.

11. Artisan smores kit: I wouldn’t necessarily ask for this, but if it found its way into my stocking, I wouldn’t complain.

12. Five Presidents: I’ve read another of Clint’s books, Mrs. Kennedy and Me, and was incredibly fortunate to meet this impressive man in person. This book offers a fascinating look at Hill’s life serving in the Secret Service for some of the most interesting presidents of the 20th century.

*13. Leather Golf Score Card Holder: While I surely don’t have the handicap to deserve using one of these, you can definitely look the part…even if that money clip is empty at the end of the round!

14. Card case: I almost never carry cash (sorry, Dave Ramsey) so I really only need a couple of things in my wallet. This case is perfect for the minimalist millennial guy on your list.

15. Yeti tumbler: I have the silver version and use it for water (of which I drink copious amounts). This matte black version looks great and will keep your coffee/tea hot for hours upon hours or your water ice cold!

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  1. Jadzia says:

    Good job Dave!

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  3. Dana says:

    Used Ian’s massive Yeti cup for hot tea last week when I felt a cold coming on and expressed how amazed I was that my tea was still warm at 2:15 pm.
    Good job guest posting, Dave!

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