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May Goals


I’m not sure if I can adequately express how grateful I am for the long weekend we just spent in Charleston! As you can guess, it has been an emotional few months for me, and when Dave and I started brainstorming ways to celebrate our second anniversary, the idea of heading to a beautiful city that’s an easy drive from Raleigh, just the three of us, sounded like complete bliss. Dave and I hadn’t been on a trip that wasn’t to see family members (a major downside of living far from both sides: all our travel is to see them!) since our honeymoon, and it felt so delightfully indulgent and relaxing. Let’s just say that it definitely won’t be two years before we go on another one! I have a few recap posts planned, and I can’t wait to go through all our photos and write them over the next week!

April Goals
1. Stick to Couch to 5K, and find an upcoming 5K to sign up for (I ran twice as much as I did in March, but not three times a week yet. I’m definitely going to do the Run for Life in August, but am keeping an eye out for something earlier as well!)
2. Go to the Y twice a week (Ugh, still struggling to get into a groove, but getting better!)
3. Read three books
4. Celebrate Charlie’s first Easter!
5. Go on two date nights while parents are in town (went on one and it was so much fun!)
6. Finish planning our anniversary trip to Charleston!

May Goals
1. Celebrate our second wedding anniversary!
2. Try a new class at the Y, possibly with a friend
3. Serve a couple at my church as part of the wedding committee (I took a hiatus when Charlie was born and am so excited to get back into it!)
4. Give our house’s exterior a makeover (we have to get a new roof, so we decided we’re also going to paint our front door and redo some of our landscaping)
5. Write a personal essay about motherhood






  1. Angie says:

    Gym buddies make going to the gym so much better! Especially for classes. My coworker and I set the goal of trying out a new class each month (but going to our regular classes more often) and it’s a lot more comfortable jumping into the unknown classes with a friend right beside you. And you should totally make a day trip to va beach in June and do the Super Run 5k with me. ;-)

    • Lisa says:

      I really need to find a gym buddy! What classes have you been going to? Any favorites? And send me the details on the 5K–I may take you up on it. How fun would a BFF run be? :)

  2. Catherine says:

    I’m so glad you had so much fun in Charleston! I heard you ran into Erin–too funny. I’m so excited to read more of your thoughts on motherhood!
    Catherine // http://www.classiccatherine.com

  3. Lisa says:

    Can’t wait to read your recaps! :)

  4. Can’t wait to read your recaps! :)

  5. Gillian says:

    I’m looking forward to your personal essay if you share it! Getting back into the groove of working out with a baby is hard! I’m in the same boat. I’m doing it, but not as often as I’d like or before I had Nicholas. You would be so perfect at serving on the wedding committee at your church! What a great use of your talents.

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks, Gillian! I’m hoping working out will only get easier and easier–that has been the case so far, but I clearly still have a ways to go :) And the wedding committee is so much fun! I joined it two years ago but took a little hiatus when Charlie was born. I’m especially anxious to get involved again now that I’m not working in the wedding industry–I miss it!

  6. emma says:

    So glad you got some r&r in Charleston! We don’t know each other, and yet, I’ve been praying that you are doing okay with the transition out of your job. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on marriage with a new baby as well; I am in the same boat, sister! My baby is 9 months and I too was surprised by how marriage now takes real work and being very intentional. Good luck with the remainder of your transition. I’m excited to read more of your work, especially the motherhood essay!

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you so much for your kind comment, Emma! I’m so grateful for your prayers and support. I would love to know of any tips you’ve picked up or things that have worked for you since having your baby–I have a lot to learn! :)

  7. Dana says:

    Can’t wait to read the Charleston recaps!
    Find a TIU girl for the gym!

  8. Abbi Hearne says:

    I’m really excited to read your personal essay. I’m so glad you’ve decided to challenge yourself in your writing. The results will be so great!

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks, Abbi! It has been a long time since I wrote anything long-form for myself, and I’m looking forward to the challenge :)


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