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Love List

Love List

Yesterday was one of my favorite days of the year: the first day of spring! Even though we had a mild winter, a cold front came through over the past two weeks, and I am already so anxious to get back into short sleeves and start chipping away at my spring to do list. Here’s to soaking up every bit of this new season, starting with a few of my current favorite things!

Purchase: I try to have flowers in the house almost all the time, but that means that nine times out of ten, I’m opting for one of the cheapest blooms at the grocery store. My go-tos that are inexpensive but still elegant are stock, hydrangea, and recently, tulips! They just feel like spring, and until the peonies start popping up (#byemoney), I’m very happy to have a $5 option that I love.

Beauty product: I got a free sample of a Bite Beauty Multistick in a recent Sephora order and have been using it every single day as blush (it also works for lips and eyes). I added the sample to my order not thinking much of it, but will definitely be picking up a full-sized version as soon as my sample runs out–it is the most long-lasting blush I’ve ever used! My sample is in Papaya, which I like a lot, but I might opt for Lotus when I buy it.

Local spot: We went to Pizza La Stella in downtown Raleigh for lunch on Dave’s birthday and were happily impressed! It doesn’t look too special from the outside, but the inside is beautifully designed (I loved the blue details) and the pizza tasted super fresh and delicious. You can never have enough go-to pizzerias, in my opinion, and we’ll definitely be back. Also, umm…can we please talk about this item on their dessert menu?!

Podcast: My friend Claire recently launched The Catholic Feminist podcast and the first few episodes have been fantastic. A few lines from the About page that had me throwing ???? emojis: “I want to wrestle hard truths with women who are seeking the true, good, and beautiful…I want to scream to the sky that there is room for you, and me, and all of us, here.” Learn more about it here and tune in on iTunes every Tuesday.

Workout: (To balance out the below, ha!) I’ve professed my love for Tone It Up workout videos before, but have been having a hard time getting into a good groove with them lately. As a substitute for now, I’ve been working through 21 Days of Pilates on The Balanced Life. Each workout is just ten minutes long and doesn’t require any equipment but a mat, so it’s easy for me to do quickly while Charlie is playing nearby. (Side note for pregnant mama friends–her prenatal pilates package looks awesome!)

Indulgence: We bought a bottle of Bailey’s to serve with post-dinner coffee at Dave’s birthday dinner, and since then, have enjoyed decaf Irish coffees a few times after putting Charlie to bed. It has been cold enough so that a hot drink at night is really enjoyable, plus they’re just so yummy! The taste of Irish coffee is kind of nostalgic to us too…people used to spike their coffee for 9 A.M. Christian Marriage class when we were studying abroad. Shh :)

What’s something random that you’re loving lately? Let me know!






  1. Catherine says:

    This is such a fun post! I too am always grabbing the inexpensive but still pretty grocery store flowers! And thanks for the prenatal pilates video tip. I have been trying to get more regular work-outs in for weeks, so I will give it a try!

    • Lisa says:

      Honestly, my biggest regret during pregnancy was not working out more…I was so stiff and sore in the third trimester! Definitely let me know if you try the pilates videos so I can file away for future pregnancies :)

  2. Sadie Lewis says:

    Can’t wait to listen to The Catholic Feminist podcast. I’m over here throwing praise hands over the about page too! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Bethany says:

    Thanks for the fitness recommendation! Since having my baby I’ve been wanting to start working out, but don’t have the time or the money to go to the gym. This looks perfect!

    • Lisa says:

      It can seriously be so hard to find the time with a baby! I love doing classes at the Y, but lately, it seems like every class I want to take is at the same time as Charlie’s naps or feedings! I’ve really been enjoying 21 Days of Pilates–hope you do too :)

  4. Katie B says:

    I love tulips too! Also, have you seen this blog post? http://littlegreennotebook.com/2015/11/carnations-yeah-carnations.html/

    I can say that I’m a flower snob because my weekend gig involves flower arranging (www.overthetopflowers.com), but I have to say, mini carnations get a bad rap! That’s normally my go-to at the grocery store if I can arrange them in a pretty vase like the one in the above blog post. Of course I’m often more inclined to pick up an extra pack of peonies or ranunculus at the wholesale flower market when I’m there, but the mini carns are lighter on my wallet ;)

    • Lisa says:

      That is SO cute!! I’m jealous that you have such easy access to fancier blooms, but those mini carnations sure are pretty :)

  5. Dana says:

    The ranunculus were gone when I got back from vacation :( I hope they pop back up so I can do a little $9.99 flower splurge. Also my succulent died on vacation, so a visit to the plant store is on my to-do list.
    I’m going to check out that podcast!
    As always, I love your love lists!

  6. Darcy says:

    I really enjoy following your blog, and I really loved this post, Lisa! It’s refreshing to see a blog that covers a wide variety of topics and is written so well too :)


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