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23 Weeks


My friend Victoria gave me a heads up that between 20-25 weeks, the baby might grow a ton, and gracious, she was right! Even in Dave’s t-shirts, this little guy is beyond the hiding stage, and it feels kind of strange to know that even random people I run into on the street will know about him without me saying anything. The bump, coupled with all the movement I’ve been feeling lately, certainly continues to make this whole experience feel more real!!


How far along: 23 weeks!

Baby size: A bunch of grapes–though I feel that is not a very helpful reference point :P He’s about a foot long and 1 1/4 lbs–now it’s time to work on those baby rolls!

Weight gain: 17 pounds, and doing my best to stay healthy and not stress over the number. (By the way, I keep hesitating about sharing this, but have realized it has been encouraging for me to hear when women are in a similar place as I am, so I plan to keep sharing–keep me accountable!)

Stretch marks: Nope! Still using this lotion every night before bed.

Sleep: I have had a few nights where sleeping has been hard, but I’m not a good sleeper to begin with, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary for me.

Maternity clothes: I finally bought a pair of maternity shorts and two simple maternity tees at Old Navy over the weekend. This and this (the one I’m wearing above) flowy, non-maternity dresses were also delivered and I love them both!

Gender: Sweet baby boy *insert heart eyes emoji here*

Movement: SO much!! I love feeling him kick and bop around, and it definitely seems like he responds to our voices sometimes.

Best moment this week: An ice cream date with a new friend who is due a few weeks after me. It has been really sweet to see who God has been putting in my path to walk through this stage of life with!

Food cravings: Still fruit, plus one random craving for a hot fudge sundae and one for those ridiculously processed nachos you get at a baseball stadium–definitely my oddest craving to date!

Anything making you queasy or sick: I think I get queasy from the car a little more easily than usual, but nothing else to report.

Missing anything: Not really!

Symptoms: I have a little bit of pain in my lower abdomen sometimes that I want to ask my doctor about, but I’m not too worried about it.

Labor signs: Nope.

Looking forward to: Getting the keys to our NEW HOUSE on Sunday and starting the move-in process!! I am so anxious to start gathering baby things and getting baby boy’s room ready! The story of how we found our little home is coming next week, so stay tuned :)






  1. Regina says:

    I really enjoy your blog Lisa :) thank you so much for sharing ????

  2. Kristina says:

    Yay, new baby update! I love these updates even though I am nowhere near ready to have a baby. It’s fun to see what others go through and to see what I might get to experience one day.
    So glad to hear you are doing well and you definitely look gorgeous dressing that cute bump!

    What I have been wondering for a while now: Have you stopped doing monthly goals or just stopped sharing them on the blog? I have always looked forward to reading them at the beginning of the months and have been missing them for a while now. I hope I am not too curious ;-)

    • Lisa says:

      Aww, thank you!! These posts are fun to write, so I’m glad you enjoy reading them as well!

      Honestly, between pregnancy, house hunting, and a busy work season, I haven’t felt very motivated to set monthly personal goals lately. I might try to pick it up again in the coming months, so I really appreciate the feedback that you liked reading them. I will definitely start posting them again if I get my act together about setting them! :)

      • Kristina says:

        That makes total sense! To be completely honest, I set goals for May and completed one of them and my June goals have yet to be set. With finals and moving from England back to Germany there was just way too much going on to focus on intentional goals. I was glad to have survived it all gracefully :D So I totally understand that monthly goals weren’t a priority for you either in this season. However, I will look forward to reading them again should you decide to set and post them again someday ;-)

  3. Dana says:

    Awwwww baby bump! Sometimes I feel like I gain 17 pounds in a day living in Austin and I’m not with child! Don’t worry about it!

    • Lisa says:

      Pretty sure I would have gained double if I could go to Torchy’s any time I want…which is basically every day :P Love you!

  4. Kelly says:

    eeeeek!! a new house too?! oh girlfriend wish I was there in person to hug you, bring hot fudge sundaes, and then help move boxes. ha! I also told Victoria this, but I completed all of my undergrad and masters nutrition degree on mother and infant nutrition, so if you have any questions as pregnancy progresses or even after baby send em my way! :) I’m one happy to help dietitian. And I love these posts! Keep sharing sweet girl :)

    • Lisa says:

      You are the sweetest! Thankfully, Dave is recruiting some friends to help us move, so I have no intention of moving boxes, haha! Your degrees sound so interesting–thank you so much for letting me know about your expertise! I will definitely let you know if I have any questions. I appreciate it! :)

  5. Em says:

    Movement is the best!! Yesterday John randomly showed me a video on his phone of June moving around inside me that I hadn’t watched in at least six months, and it brought it all back! Highly recommend doing that maybe once you’re a little farther along :)

  6. Sarah White says:

    Hey! I like to read about your pregnancy. That is all.

    Oh! I also am having lower abdomen/pelvic pain. I think it’s just stretching pain. But it happens when I walk or get up from sitting. I hope everything is fine though! The weight gain is hard to swallow sometimes, but its for your baby! So it will all be worth it!

    • Lisa says:

      Another friend commented below about round ligament pain, which I hadn’t heard of, but it sounds exactly like what I’ve been feeling–maybe you are too? If so, sounds totally normal! :)

      Still SO excited for our babies to be buds!!

  7. Mary says:

    Hi Lisa! So excited for more house updates! You look great. A couple confessions: my weight gain with Jimp was pretty high by the end. It was a scary number, I admit, but it went away within a few months so I wouldn’t worry about it! Let me know if you want the details! Haha! Also, I ate those baseball nachos last month when we went to an Astros game and they were just great. :D

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks for the encouragement!! And I wish we could meet y’all at an Astros game this summer to get our fill of nachos, haha :)

  8. Ali Chamberlain says:

    Hi Lisa! You look adorable! Just reading over your symptoms, and maybe you have “round ligament pain”, which I had a ton of when I was about 15-30 weeks along… it’s not comfy, but it’s totally normal!I love reading your updates and I can’t wait to read about the new house!! Obviously I supplement your blog entries with Dave’s snapchat stories, so I already had a sneak peek!!! xo

    • Lisa says:

      Alison! I just looked up round ligament pain and it sounds like that is EXACTLY what I’ve been experiencing, so thank you so much for the comment! P.S. I just followed you on Snapchat so follow me back for more house sneak peeks this week! :)

  9. Maureen says:

    Hey Lisa! I’m just over the moon for you and Dave and love hearing about your pregnancy and little baby boy. I’m wondering if there is anything you guys are doing or have found successful in calming your nerves to avoid mosquitos and the Zika threat? I have several friends who are pregnant up here in VA and they are so scared.

    In NC and when you’ve traveled have you found any helpful tips to keep the mosquitos away?

    Thanks and sending you guys lots of prayers for you and your baby boy!

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Maureen! I’m not sure how helpful this answer will be because honestly, I haven’t been too worried about it. From my understanding, Zika is most dangerous to pregnant women in the first trimester, and during mine, it hadn’t really gotten to the US yet. I was extra sure to wear bug spray if I was going to be outside much when I went to Texas in March, but other than that, I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary. In general though, I’ve always found Bug Band bracelets to be pretty effective when I was camping, so that may be an easy extra precaution for your friends to take :) Thank you so much for your prayers!!

  10. emma says:

    lol to the baseball nacho craving. i am 33 weeks pregnant and have thought about baseball hot dogs probably every single day since of the past 33 weeks. :) also, mine is a boy too! baseball food must be a boy-thing! :D

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