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A Few Favorite Wedding Registry Gifts


Dave and I started working on our baby registry recently, and it has made me think back a lot to two years ago when we were working on our wedding registry! To this day, we still talk about how happy we are with everything we registered for, so I wanted to share a few things we especially love. These aren’t necessarily our most-used items, but they’re all things that stand out when we think about some of the items we’ve enjoyed having in our home most over the last year.

studio mcgeeStudio McGee

Our steamer: I don’t remember what I did before we got a steamer! We have this one and love everything about it–the size, how well it works, the price, and so on. I never owned a steamer before this one, but am certainly never going back!

Our comforter: We decided to register for our dream, splurge-worthy comforter instead of something we didn’t love as much just because of the price. We picked it out at Macy’s, and felt okay about it since they have such good sales (often over 50% off), but we still fully expected to buy it ourselves using the completion discount after the wedding. We were touched when we ended up receiving it as a generous gift, and are grateful all over again every single night when we get into bed!

kitchenA Cup of Jo

Our striped serving bowl: We use this bowl we received from our registry as a fruit bowl, so it lives on our counter all the time, and every time I see it, it makes me happy! The vast majority of the things we registered for were super classic and practical (white china, simple silver flatware, etc.), but the few pieces we chose that function more like decor have become really sweet parts of our home.

Our cooking knives: Especially since Dave already had a set of steak knives, we picked out four knives that we thought we would use the most instead of registering for a knife block. I admit, Dave does most of the chopping in our kitchen, but having just a few great knives has been plenty (plus, I love that we don’t have to use counter space for a block).

Our shower curtain: We registered for a shower curtain when we stumbled upon one we really liked at West Elm, and ended up buying it ourselves with a gift card after the wedding. It felt a little frivolous to buy a nice, fabric shower curtain instead of just grabbing something at Target, but it’s one of those little things that makes us feel like we live in a grown up home instead of a college apartment. Whatever works, right?

Married friends, do you have any unexpected favorite wedding gifts? The more random, the better! :)






  1. Rachel says:

    love this! and those photos are perfection! I’m convinced Studio McGee can do no wrong! ;)

    Also, I want link to your comforter and shower curtain!!

    • Lisa says:

      AGREED–I love every single project they work on more than the last! We actually bought the exact duvet cover they used in that room because I couldn’t get it out of my head–another worth-it-splurge ;) I updated the post to include a link to our comforter, and our shower curtain isn’t available anymore, but I’m hoping to post an apartment tour soon before we move!

  2. Dana says:

    Obvi you love the bowl :)

  3. Mary says:

    I love our giant food processor, my immersion blender, our cast-iron skillet, and this pizza crisper that we didn’t even register for. We mostly use it to roast veggies. :D

    • Lisa says:

      Oooh, we haven’t even used our pizza crisper yet, but I love that idea! What do you usually use your food processor for? I use ours way less than I was expecting to, but it might just be because none of our go-to recipes require one (considering we started making those recipes before we got the food processor, haha!)

      • Mary says:

        The food processor has been really nice for a few things, the only thing is that sometimes it’s a plain to clean because there’s a lot of parts! But I have used it for making things like mashed potatoes/cauliflower, cauliflower rice, pureeing and chopping veggies for soups. Basically it’s good for big batches/chopping a lot of things at once! Also good for quickly grating things like cheese and potatoes.

  4. aelish says:

    My favorites are: milk frother (makes morning coffee SO GOOD!), copper tea kettle (functional + pretty!), stand mixer (duh), knives (we also didn’t register for a block), and a gorgeous oil painting by a friend!

    • Lisa says:

      Oooh, good ones!! We didn’t get a stand mixer but I am hoping one appears under a Christmas tree someday ;)

  5. Victori says:

    My favorites were plushy towels, wine glasses, and my hot air popcorn maker! Totally a small, random gift, but I use it all the time!

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