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Snow Day


Want to hear something strange? On Christmas Eve, the temperature at Dave’s parents’ house in Syracuse was the same as it was at my parents’ house in Texas! While we didn’t get the white Christmas we had been hoping for, just a few days later, we left Dave’s brother and sister-in-law’s house to find a flurry of fresh powder falling from the sky. It only lasted on the ground for a few days, but I jumped at the chance to throw on some winter clothes and run around outside!

casual winter outfitsnow day outfitnars schiap I only made one purchase for myself on Black Friday: this navy felt hat. I am not a hat person and rarely find one that feels quite right on me, but I love the size of the brim on this one, and the fact that it’s the perfect happy medium between floppy and structured. This one is similar, and I love this one in black. For a more budget-friendly option, this one is adorable and comes in tons of colors!

winter hatnavy cocoon coatj crew felt hat I’m from Texas and live in North Carolina, so snow boots are pretty low on my list of closet must-haves. That said, I’ve grown a little tired of my favorite riding boots getting marked up by salt on the roads during winter, so this year, Dave convinced me to pick up these duck boots. They look a lot like the L.L. Bean and Sorel classics…but they’re from Target! I’m sure they’re not comparable in quality, but again, I only need them on a limited, not too terribly cold basis, so they work perfectly for me :) They come in two colors and are on clearance for $42 now (compared to the $100+ options from L.L. Bean and Sorel), so if you live in a relatively mild climate and need some functional, but cute winter boots, pick some up ASAP!

budget friendly duck bootslisa something prettysnow day White crewneck sweater (similar), cocoon coat, leggings, felt hat (similar), earringsduck boots, lipstick, nail polish






  1. Dana says:

    Pretty!! Lands End is where I got my snow boots and I think they’re adorable; I miss wearing them, but don’t miss winter. Big fan of the hat :)

  2. Victoria says:

    Looking gorgeous and chic as always! :)

  3. Lindsay C. says:

    Love your hair this way, Lisa! Also, I picked up ducks boots from Academy Sports for $25 and they have been perfect for a super rainy day and if/when we get any wintry weather in SC this year, they will work great!

    • Lisa says:

      Aww, thanks! I definitely think I’ll wear mine on rainy days too–they’re so much less clunky than my rain boots!


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