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Stay the Path


When I was working out a lot before the wedding, I really didn’t have in my head that I was “working out for the wedding.” I made a lot of lifestyle changes that made me feel good in general, and I had no doubts that I’d be able to keep them up post-honeymoon. Honestly, it’s been a little easier said than done over the last few months–Dave and I have been busy this summer, and hard workouts (more than just our morning walks) and healthy, home-cooked meals have been the first things to slide. In an effort to get our motivation back up, we signed up for a 5K in August, and are planning to sign up for a 5-mile race in October–having that looming on the calendar is scary, but I think it’ll be a great challenge. I also treated myself to a few cute new pieces of workout gear, because that’s always pretty good motivation for me ;) I’m a big Carrie Underwood fan, and I love everything from her new activewear line, Calia–the colors and patterns are so pretty, and everything I tried on was super comfortable! I also love the mission of the line: “…Because we can be the strongest versions of ourselves in every facet of our lives. We can look as beautiful as we feel. We can Stay the Path.”

calia-studio-workout-gearcalia-studio-topside-braidcalia-studio-shortsworkout-gearstay-the-pathTank top, shorts, sneakers, nail polish

How do you stay motivated to work out? Tell me all your tricks so I can try them!

P.S. This post is not sponsored by Calia–I just love the brand! :)






  1. Jennifer says:

    Cute new workout gear is the best motivation for me- and it’s probably the only thing that will get me out of this workout slump!

  2. Dana says:

    love the shorts! I’ll have to look at this line! I’m asking for new tennis shoes for my bday!

  3. Mary says:

    Cute! I agree that new workout clothes definitely helps! I haven’t been doing any intense workouts or anything, but I’ve been enjoying daily walks. Listening to something fun/inspiring has helped motivate me to get moving, which lately has been various podcasts.

  4. Richard says:

    Motivation: I just try to stay in the fight.

  5. Julie says:

    I definitely got caught up in working out for the wedding, but through that process I developed a lot of healthier habits. I have gained some of the weight back, but I am much more conscience of what I am eating and how often I exercise! New workout gear always helps too :).


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