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August Goals


As far as goals go, July was not my best month ever, but in other ways, it was pretty great. I got to catch up with a few long-distance friends via FaceTime, my baby sister turned 19 (hi Kristen!), Dave and I explored some fun new places in the Triangle, and I’m finally getting back into a good groove with running. I’m also trying to be a little more intentional with blog post planning (I love Emily Ley’s printable for this), and am excited about some posts I have coming up this month!


July Goals

1.  Drink a glass of water every morning before work. 
2. Work through the 28-day challenge in the Tone It Up book. – I’m feeling a little iffy about this book. I like the concept, but since it goes day by day, I’ve found myself unsure of what to do if I miss a day because of a long work day or other obligations. So far, I’ve just started over twice and am plugging along :P 
3. Finish writing our wedding thank you notes. – I am kind of mortified that I haven’t finished this yet. It’s going to happen this week!!
4. Invite someone I don’t know very well out for coffee. 
5. Choose (and start) three books to read this summer. (Find my list here!)

August Goals

1. Finish writing wedding thank you notes. Seriously.
2. Train for and run the Run for Life 5K (and hopefully beat my time from last year).
3. Host our first guests in our apartment. I am really nervous about being a good hostess when we don’t even have a guest room–advice, please!
4. Unplug for vacation with Dave’s family in the Adirondacks. More about this trip on Thursday!






  1. Alexandra says:

    I think having guests in an apartment can be so challenging but also a lot of fun. When I was living in an apartment I made sure to have a place for guests to put their luggage and a place where they new they could put their towels etc. Especially in a small space guests need to feel like they’re welcome! (Don’t forget to have the wifi password somewhere visible as well!)

    • Lisa says:

      These tips are awesome, Alexandra–thank you so much! I hadn’t thought of a designated space for luggage, so I’ll be brainstorming on that for sure :)

  2. Dana says:

    If I really didn’t feel like working out, I’d try to get like a 20 minute walk in at least for FFF or 7 min workout!

  3. lena says:

    Hosting guests in our one bedroom isn’t easy, but I’ve found that a beautifully made up air mattress or couch, with fresh sheets and plenty of pillows, starts their stay on the right foot–and a big yes to making sure there’s intentional space for their luggage, etc. We always make a plan for breakfast, too (including finding out how everyone takes their coffee so you have hazelnut creamer or 2% milk on hand), which is another good way of making guests feel welcome regardless of how much space you have!

    • Lisa says:

      I knew I could count on you for some gracious hostessing tips, friend! Love the idea of checking on their coffee/breakfast preferences. Thank you!!

  4. Mary says:

    We had a few guests when we were in our apartment–actually, I think Dave stayed with us a couple times! Aerobeds are comfy air mattresses, but even a mattress pad of some sort would work too. I think having nice sheets and pillows would definitely help. Other than that, I love the idea of getting personal coffee preferences and maybe having a variety of snacks/drinks that they can help themselves to.


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