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Five Looks: Casual Valentine’s Day


As much as I love Valentine’s Day, the idea of putting on a cocktail dress in the cold and then fighting the crowds at a restaurant is less than appealing. Instead, my kind of Valentine’s Day date is casual, fun, and inexpensive, but still special. Even a pretty ordinary activity can turn into a memorable date if you treat it like one, so plan ahead, keep your phones put away, and get a little dressed up. :) Here are five looks that would be perfect for a low-key date tomorrow!

The Everygirl Gal Meets Glam Refinery 29 Make Life Easier Design DarlingThe Everygirl, Gal Meets Glam, Refinery 29, Make Life Easier, Design Darling

I love that all of these outfits are cozy and seasonal, but still festive, thanks to a few purposeful pops of pink (from blush to salmon to hot pink). Looking for something to do in one of these cute outfits? Here are a few ideas:

1. Cook together. Bonus points for choosing a recipe from a cookbook instead of the internet and shopping for ingredients together.

2. Play tourist in your own city. Look up the top attractions in your city on Trip Advisor or 10Best.com and check a few off of your list.

3. Instead of going out for dinner, get up early and meet for breakfast! I love this idea–being out and about early on a weekend morning is so peaceful, and it would be such a sweet way to start the day.

4. Take a day trip. Pick a small town or attraction within an hour of where you live and go exploring.

5. Snuggle up in a bookstore. Get lattes, sit close, and flip through magazines or books together. I love doing this in the travel section and dreaming about future trips!

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! What are your plans for tomorrow? Dave won’t tell me anything about what we’re doing (except that he’s cooking dinner–yay!), so I’m excited to see what he has up his sleeve!






  1. lena says:

    Perfect for a cozy V-Day! We’re thinking pastries and coffee tomorrow morning, ceremony venue scouting all day (arg!) and then roasting a pheasant Saturday night to enjoy with a bottle of Champagne and some divine chocolate truffles I scooped up!

  2. Dana says:

    Mom, Cody, and I had margs and burgers at an outdoor restaurant! Very casual, very delicious! Love your ideas too!

  3. Love these looks and ideas. I think I may adopt the go out early for breakfast idea next year! Such a great idea. :)


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