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February Inspirations


At a work dinner last year, my coworkers and I played a little game, answering the question “If someone was a holiday, what would they be?” It’s fun–try it! When it came to me, there was little hesitation–Valentine’s Day was the unanimous decision, and I’d have to agree. I’ve always loved February 14, whether I was single and baking pink-frosted cupcakes for my friends, or now, excitedly anticipating a surprise date with my fiancé. The abundance of love letters, sweet treats, and things that are pink (all of which fall into my favorite things category) make getting through this late winter month so much more bearable!

February inspirations

Wear: As soon as January ends, I start craving spring like crazy–and while in most places I’ve lived, I haven’t had to wait much longer for warmer days, that’s not quite the case in North Carolina! I’m bridging the gap between the need to stay warm and my desire for spring by living in cozy sweaters paired with pastels (these earrings and this nail polish are my current staples). (Photo: Helena La Petite)

Eat: This is more of a “I wish I was eating” because pizza is on the no-fly list until I’m on my honeymoon! Wouldn’t this heart-shaped pizza from How Sweet It Is be perfect for a cozy Valentine’s Day dinner in?

Live: I love this picture because at first glance, it looks like a really girly kitchen, but if you cover up the candy pink blooms, it’s perfectly neutral! I’ll definitely be bringing this little trick into Dave and I’s future married apartment. (Photo: Our House)

Decorate: When it comes to decorating for February 14, I like to keep it simple and sweet: a heart garland, an arrangement of mismatched pink blooms, and a bowl of Hershey kisses in a glass bowl. Done and done! (Photo: Lauren Kinsey via Wedding Chicks)

Celebrate: My high school girlfriends and I used to throw an annual Valentine’s Day party, and every year, I get a little nostalgic for our girly gatherings. This party on Camille Styles is chock-full of “Galentine’s Day” inspiration. (Photo: Christie Graham)

Buy: West Elm makes my favorite coffee mugs, and when they come out with their Valentine’s Day mugs every year, I make sure to snap up a few to add to my collection!

Your turn! What are you wearing/eating/decorating with/celebrating/buying this month?






  1. Dana says:

    I never liked February, but this doesn’t look so bad! Mom and Cody might come spend V-Day with me!


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