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Austin Flower Company | Something-Pretty.net

If you follow me on Instagram, there’s a good chance you know already that my favorite place in Austin is the Austin Flower Company. It’s the place I go when I’m stressed out or feeling anxious, or just need to get away from school life for a little while. When I got an assignment in one of my classes to profile a place, writing about the Austin Flower Company was a no-brainer, so I thought I would share a little excerpt today.

“Three dozen yellow roses. Individually wrapped in plastic, their buds rolled in thin sheets of cardboard to keep them from bruising, a symbol of friendship. When I volunteered to pick them up for my sorority, I really just wanted an excuse to stroll around the single aisle of the chilly back room. I was there for a purpose, but that was no reason to rush on a Wednesday, when the trucks had just dropped off fresh flowers from around the world. Now, condensed in a single room, I delighted in them. Flowers are not primarily functional. They are primarily beautiful. How lucky people are to have access to something that is beautiful merely for the sake of being beautiful.”

Have a blessed Easter weekend!

Love, Lisa






  1. Flor Rojas says:

    So this is where you got those beautiful flowers from!!

  2. Aelish says:

    Those beautiful hellbore in the front are calling my name! Lovely excerpt.

  3. Dana says:

    cant wait to go back to the flower store!


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