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Thursday Love List


Happy Thursday! I am having a very happy Thursday already, because my handsome boyfriend is here for his first visit to Austin, and I could not be more excited to show him around my wonderful new home…and hopefully his home soon too. :)

I love how the things on this love list are soft and romantic, but colorful and fun at the same time. That is definitely something I look for in design, in things I blog about, and in ideas for my wedding someday as well!

 {This is what it’s all about, y’all!  This Green Wedding Shoes wedding is not only stunning and beautiful (they had daisies strewn down the aisle, be still my heart), it also looks so fun and loving and joyful. I am smitten!}

{After seeing pictures of the Lover.ly event on Snippet and Ink, how could I not be excited for this wedding inspiration site? I’m eagerly awaiting my beta code so I can try it out!}

{I love a nautical themed wedding, especially when it’s done in a completely new way! This Style Me Pretty couple absolutely hit it out of the park, and I can’t stop admiring their gorgeous pictures. The fresh navy and peach color combination, the preppy stripes, the beautiful ceremony location, the adorable cake, and some fabulous ombre clothespins (seriously, those things are incredible) have me head over heels all over again for twists on nautical!}

{How striking is this  show-stopper on Southern Weddings? I’ve never seen anything like it, and I absolutely love it. Perfect to add some high-impact decor to weddings in a wide, open space}

{Ever since my brief floral design lesson at my event planning organization, and posting about unique bouquets on Hey Gorgeous last week, flowers have been on my mind big time! I love the colors and textures of this Wedding Chicks bouquet, and the fact that they have a whole section of “Bouquet Recipes” on their website. Does it get any easier than that?}

What’s making your day today?



P.S. I’m also on Hey Gorgeous today, talking about the “design trifecta”…check it out! :)






  1. Dana says:

    the dancing wedding and the nautical wedding were mind blowing (i looked at both of them in their entirety)!
    the sun is starting to come out right now, if it stays out it’ll be a wonderful day!

  2. Chelsie says:

    I love your blog Lisa! Daisies strew down the aisle – so cute!

  3. Lena says:

    SWOON. This list brought on a total and complete loss of wedding control.

  4. Lena says:

    Oh, and get off the blog and enjoy that handsome fella!

  5. Kristen says:

    what a fab list. i love that bouquet and the nautical wedding was sooooooo pretty!!!

  6. Go snuggle your man :) hehe andddd that last bouquet is to die for. How gorgeous is that combo of deliciousness? Off to check out the weddings you linked to Lise! xoxo

  7. Can you do a post some day on flower arranging? I always think that I’ll be able to arrange a nice vase out of whatever I find in the floral department at Publix…. always ends in failure!


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