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Frequently Asked Questions


Today I thought I’d do something different and answer a few questions that I get asked a lot. Before you jump to conclusions thinking that readers I don’t know personally are emailing me for advice, know that most of these questions are from people that I know in real life who know I love weddings or write a blog. :P Some of them are questions about my favorite things, and others are more specific, but they’re all pretty fun!

What should I do for my engagement session?

I think the best engagement sessions are ones that are well styled and match your personality. Think back through your dating days for your best memories, favorite date spots, etcetera, and get creative! My all time favorite is this Coney Island shoot on Ruffled, shot by Jamie Beck.

What colors should I use in my wedding?

The colors that make you the happiest! Don’t be afraid to forgo a specific color scheme, and go with a theme instead. For example, rather than just “red and yellow,” pick a palette of warm-toned brights, tied together with ivory and touches of gold. I love this orange-and-brights Style Me Pretty wedding! Additionally, know that any color can work in any season if done the right way (upcoming post on that, I think!), and unexpected color combinations can work beautifully. Check out my purple and orange fall wedding inspiration board for an example!

What do you think I should splurge and save on?

This answer will be different for everyone, depending on your priorities for your big day, but one thing I will always, always, always recommend is going all out for incredible photography! Find a photographer whose style you love, who you get along with well, and who you trust to capture your wedding perfectly–you’ll be cherishing the pictures forever, so I definitely think this is one thing well worth the price. How amazing is this shot on Snippet and Ink? Beyond that, pick one or two other things that are the most important to you (anything from a fabulous venue to a designer dress), and plan the rest of your budget accordingly. On the saving side, if there are things you don’t particularly care for (such as a wedding cake or favors), forgo them altogether, or figure out something creative and more budget-friendly to take their place. For example, substitute a table of homemade cookies for the cake, if you have the time and an awesome family recipe.

What should I wear to a black tie/formal/semiformal/casual wedding?

Check out my old post on Guest Wear Etiquette for a breakdown of common dress codes, as well as some general rules to adhere to!

Wedding pros, what questions do you get asked the most? Everyone else, did I miss anything that’s been on your mind? Ask away! :)








  1. such great tips, lisa! for the colors, i love to tell brides to think about their wedding style almost as if they were branding themselves – what are the colors they are always drawn to? what will people see and think “that is SO them”? the color palette will be carried through the entire event, so it’s such a fun part of the planning :)

  2. Great tips! Wish I had read all this when I was planning my wedding :)

  3. Kristen says:

    all the pictures are perfect!!! which is why photography is totally most important in budgeting your wedding :D

  4. Lena says:

    Such great insight, and darling photos to match! That Jamie Beck shoot is SUCH a favorite!

  5. Dana says:

    very informative! a good photographer is a great idea!


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