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March Goals


I am happy to report that the cherry blossom photo below is not an old one…it’s from last week! I caught the trees blooming out of the corner of my eye while I was driving the other day. When I went back to take some photos by them for an upcoming post, I didn’t find them right away and wondered if my glimpse had just been wishful thinking! Sure enough, though, there they were, and the sight and smell was such a sweet sneak peek of what’s ahead. I can hardly wait for sunny spring days spent outside with the kids–it’s going to be so different from last spring when Azelie was a newborn!

After a solid start to checking goals off in January, February was admittedly slower. I’m excited and hopeful to pick the momentum back up in March!

February Goal Progress
1. Build trips to the adoration chapel (try both solo and as a family) into our weekend rhythm.
2. Come up with possible solutions to our weekday schedule pain points and experiment with implementing them.
3. Keep up with three Tone It Up workouts per week and buy a new yoga mat.
4. Complete weeks 1-2 of my Catholic mindfulness course. (In progress!)
5. Pick one family adventure from our list to go on each week. (2/4)
6. Celebrate Azelie’s first birthday!!
7. Schedule photography and editing training for Dave and me with a photographer friend. (This was SO helpful and I hope you see some improvements in our photos moving forward!!)
8. Curate photos for our 2020 album.

March Goals
1. Build trips to the adoration chapel (try both solo and as a family) into our weekend rhythm.
2. Experiment with doing two meal prep nights per week (chopping ingredients, etc. for the coming days’ meals) to make weeknight dinners more seamless.
3. Add cardio back into my routine with jump-roping! Dave, Charlie, and I all bought jump ropes this month as a possible solution to the question of “how do I do cardio without leaving my house or buying a workout machine?” Bonus: Charlie’s enthusiasm is good motivation!
4. Limit sugar and gluten and give up alcohol. We’re not doing anything formal like a Whole30, but do want a bit of a “cleanse” this month.
5. Prayerfully phase out of weekly therapy. I’m so proud and grateful to have reached this step of treating my anxiety and am hopeful about moving forward in a healthier way!
6. Get ready to plant our first garden! Never say never, my friends…this is happening! Dave and Charlie built our raised bed over the weekend and we’re excited to tiptoe into this world that friends seem to love so much ;) We’re planning to plant zinnias, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, peppers, jalapenos, basil, and cilantro.
7. Curate 2020 photos…clearly, I am procrastinating on this. Maybe this will be the month?
8. Celebrate Dave’s birthday!
9. Put a list of spring family activities/adventures on the fridge (would love to hear your favorites for inspiration!) and start checking them off :)






  1. Em says:

    Love this post very much! Sounds like we had similar Februaries… and can hold each other accountable with curating our 2020 photos!! Also can’t wait to hear more about jump roping, meal prepping (I have never gotten into this!), and gardening when I see you next.

  2. Alisa Zimmerman says:

    I just finished coming off my anti-anxiety meds. I am in awe of God’s healing! I hope things go well for you as you step back from therapy!

  3. Emma says:

    You HAVE to check out Sydney Cummings on YouTube! She is AMAZING and she will give you the cardio workout in your living room that you dream of. (Dave and Charlie are welcome, too! My son loves to “workout” with me & Sydney and I see a lot of parents in the comment section of the videos saying the same thing!) She also incorporates jump rope sometimes, so you already have the gear! Let me know if you do try it; I have been an avid follower for years and love it!

  4. Dana says:

    I was supposed to be giving up sugar, dairy, gluten, and alcohol in Feb, but then the snow storm hit and I really needed some chocolate and a cocktail! I hope you have no natural disasters to kick you off course!
    I am also trying to garden!! More gardening content!


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