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Love List


Inspiration has felt in short supply this week. I’ve been worried about my family and friends in Texas (SO thankful they have all had access to power for most of the week) and hope any of you there are safe and warm as well. I’ve hit some writer’s block and have felt kind of down about another week full of cold and rainy weather (obviously, I can’t complain about that at ALL from a weather standpoint, but from a creativity perspective, it drains my motivation to shoot any photos). To brighten my spirits, I’m prepping for Azelie’s birthday (on Monday!), trying to make myself sit down and write a little bit every day, even if I’m not feeling it, and eagerly scrolling through lots of cheerful new arrivals for spring starting to pop up. Anyone else suspect that last spring’s loungewear will be replaced by loads of fun, optimistic colors and prints this year? I love a good neutral, but even I have been gravitating toward more colorful pieces lately. Sharing a few below in case you need a little pick-me-up in the form of style eye candy :)

1. The epitome of happy new arrivals, J. Crew’s are completely delightful! Colors, Liberty florals, tennis-inspired motifs, and pastel rainbow stripes galore. A few of my top picks: this cotton floral maxi, these yellow gingham ballet flats, this ruffled rose-print blouse (which I think may need to be part of my birthday outfit in April), this colorful pastel plaid button-down, this yellow rose floral one-piece (it kind of reminds me of Agua de Agua Bendita swimsuits), these DARLING striped slingbacks, and this embroidered pullover.

2. I just ordered this cream blush from a new-to-me clean makeup brand, Merit and really like it so far. Merit’s minimalist approach to makeup is so appealing to me, and as someone with acne-prone skin, I especially loved learning that they steer clear of 73 ingredients that are clean, but can be acne-triggering. I’m intrigued by this stick foundation/concealer–anyone tried it?

3. At the top of my to-do list today: bake Azelie’s first birthday cake! Elisabeth and Butter has never let me down, so I’m going with this lemon raspberry cake. Attempting to pipe ruffled frosting…wish me luck/send advice!

4. The Avenue is one of my favorite sources of tablescape inspiration—they have the most incredibly curated selection of unique pieces, as well as table staples in an array of colors. I’d take one of everything in this “Dinner on the Porch” collection to use this spring if I could! If you love pretty tables, definitely give them a follow on Instagram.

5. Speaking of Instagram, want to hear my absolute favorite recent follow? The Ritz Paris’ account! Wanderlust, interiors inspiration, culinary delights, and the absolute dreamiest color palettes, all rolled into one. If I was a photographer, being their social media photographer might be my dream job ;)

Stay warm this weekend! xo






  1. India B. says:

    Happy Birthday Azelie! What are you doing for her birthday? I’m trying to brainstorm ideas for my baby’s first birthday. It’s tough because a lot of my family hasn’t seen him in person yet, but it doesn’t seem like there’s much that can be done from a safety standpoint!

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks so much, India!! Sorry I am late getting back to this! We did a little party (just us, Dave’s parents, and one other family) and invited other family members and friends to join in on Zoom to sing her happy birthday and watch her eat her cake :) Since we don’t have any family members locally, this worked out well (they would not have been able to come in person anyway!), but I’m not sure what we would have done if we had more people nearby. Can’t believe your little guy is almost one already! <3

  2. Dana says:

    I’m ready for sun, sun, and more sun for the next 12 months! Definitely starting to look a swimsuits and getting ready for stock tank pool season!


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