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My Lake Pajamas Review


One of the sales I wait for all winter, the Lake Pajamas Annual Sale, is now live! While I do think Lake Pajamas are well worth the investment, I personally only ever buy them on sale in this season of my life/budget. This is actually the case for many of the pricier brands I shop–I know the rhythm of my favorite sources well enough to have some idea of when or if items go on sale. I save up for those opportunities and then happily take advantage of the chance to shop the brands I love at a more accessible price point. Of course you could find cheaper pajamas at Target or wherever else, but along with being a long-time fan of Lake’s quality (their fabrics are so comfortable, I honestly think I sleep better in them than other pajamas!), I also love supporting a small, American-made, women-founded business.

Since they are a purchase that, at least to me, requires a little bit more planning and intentionality, I wanted to share my favorite pieces from the sale below, as well as my tips from my 5+ years of shopping and wearing different Lake Pajamas styles. If you have any additional questions, let me know!

(Case in point about planning ahead for these sales, Dave and I snapped these photos during our trip to the Omni Homestead months ago in anticipation of sharing them now!)

Lake Pajamas saleLake Pajamas poplin short setBest classic pajamasLake Pajamas poplin shorts set in HedgeSomething Pretty Lake Pajamas

A few little shopping notes!

– The pima cotton sets come in two different necklines: a scoop neck (the standard Lake silhouette) and a crewneck (the “weekend” set). I think the crewneck is more flattering, so I prefer those options! The exception is in the tanks, which I like more in the scoopneck.
– I have one pima set with long pants, but now steer clear of those, since the pants are a little too loose for a tosser-and-turner like myself. I stick with the shorts for the classic sets.
– Along with their signature pima, I LOVE their cotton poplin sets (like the one shown in these photos). I have both a shorts set and a long set and they might be my favorite Lake pieces.
– I like my pajamas on the looser and cozier side, so I opt for mediums, except in the maternity styles, since they’re already designed for a roomy fit. I’ve heard the robes run on the larger side as well.
– Speaking of maternity, if you are pregnant or nursing, I can’t recommend their maternity styles highly enough! SO cute and comfy for every stage of pregnancy and postpartum. Absolutely worth treating yourself in this season! (The set works beautifully even when you’re not pregnant or nursing, so you really can’t go wrong with it.)
– If you live in a chilly climate, don’t skip the flannel sets! I had no idea flannel (which conjured the feeling of synthetic, scratchy, way-too-hot-to-sleep-in Christmas pajamas from childhood in me) could be so silky and comfortable. Definitely my winter staple!
– The Relax Sets, made of a silky soft modal material, are super comfy, but of all the Lake fabrics, I think this is my least favorite…though I still wear it all the time :)






  1. Dana says:

    I like the green short set!


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