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A Touch of Sparkle for the Holidays


Yesterday, someone asked me if I had any tips for making the holidays feel special without their usual family gatherings. I think my best advice comes from my childhood. While living overseas, my parents were tasked with creating magical holiday seasons for their four little kids year after year, an ocean away from any family members and often without access to the items or ingredients that they grew up associating with different celebrations (for example, no Easter ham in Qatar, where pork products weren’t sold!). I’m hoping my parents will add a few stories in the comments :) What I can tell you, though, is that even without some of the bells and whistles, my childhood Thanksgivings and Christmases are so sweet in my memories. My advice is to do what you can, if it’s important to you, no matter how many people you have gathered together–maybe get dressed up, set the table, treat yourself to the fancy coffee beans or the good bubbly, or cue up a cheerful playlist for the day. Get creative, stay flexible, and add a touch of sparkle where you can!

Usually, I’d be browsing party dresses and fancy heels this time of year, getting ready for any excuse to dress up. While I admit I’ve still done a little bit of peeking around at those things for fun, I’ve been much more inspired by holiday accessories. From gold rings to sparkly shoes and chic headbands to cozy cardigans, these are the pieces you could add to any outfit over the next month and a half to make them feel more festive.

Adding a subtle touch of sparkle to holiday outfits

1. Everything about this & Other Stories top caught my eye, from the modern, boxy shape, to the statement collar, to the shimmery details of the fabric.

2. One Hope sparkling wine in a gold glitter bottle takes the festive feel of cocktail hour to the next level.

3. Sale alert: this sparkly statement headband is under $12 right now! Slip it on to make any hairstyle a little bit fancy.

4. I love the sweet simplicity and stackability of this mini diamond ring (which is on its way to me! ๐Ÿ˜).

5. Swipe on this warm red lip gloss, flecked with gold glitter, for any virtual celebration–it’ll brighten up your whole face on Zoom or FaceTime!

6. This cropped cardigan has tiny crystals scattered all over it for the perfect blend of cozy and celebratory.

7. Still can’t get enough of the Birdies holiday styles! I would live in these sparkly slipper loafers well beyond the holidays.

8. I haven’t been painting my nails much this year (that whole never-know-when-I’ll-need-to-pick-up-the-baby thing makes me wary of it!) but I could definitely make an exception for this glitzy champagne gold polish.

9. Bow scrunchies like this metallic gold one make perfect stocking stuffers, not to mention, the prettiest addition to any ponytail.

10. A touch of glitter at the back puts a fun twist on these classic white sneakers (and you can’t beat the under $30 price tag).

11. Since I always have a little one in my arms, I love a good statement earring that isn’t dangly. These oversized floral studs fit the bill perfectly.

12. This Great Gatsby-inspired gold fan ring has NYE written all over it, even if celebrating from home.

13. Especially if you live in a not-too-cold place like I do, a knit beret is all the winter hat you really need.

I’d love to hear how you’re making this holiday season feel special, no matter how different it looks from years past. Share your tips and plans below so we can be inspired by each other!

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  1. Kristen says:

    I remember having Thanksgiving on the weekend instead of Thursday ๐Ÿ˜‹ I will be doing festive metallic nails soon too!

  2. Jadzia says:

    Love all the sparkle! Would buy that wine for the bottle alone! Will also check out the Beautycounter gloss! As your mom :) I probably stressed about the pre-holiday details more than necessary. Whether or not the traditional, food and non-food, items were available, THE day was always great! From Qatar we started the Christmas day turkey gumbo tradition. Although we can’t replicate it now, instead of Santa pictures at the mall we had Santa riding in on a camel and that was quite fun. Thanksgiving became a day to share with non-Americans or to eat out (American Club!) because we didn’t have an oven in Singapore! The more unique holidays are the ones that are remembered so embrace that and keep your joy!

  3. Richard says:

    Admittedly Mom does almost all the work for the holidays and I just try to help.
    I like you bringing up expat life because I think this year everyone in on an expat assignment in a strange land where culture and traditions are not what weโ€™re used to. Doing what can be done to keep traditions alive is great but accepting some of the new is alright too. Iโ€™m fine with an artificial tree when the alternative is a Charlie Brown tree costing $400 as long as gifts are opened Christmas Day as per usual. Santa can ride a camel. Turkey cooked in a tandoori oven is delicious!

  4. Dana says:

    I can wait to do glitz nails over Christmas!


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