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November Goals


October might have been one of my favorite months of 2020. We experienced a bunch of new-to-us spots as a family, from a great hiking trail less than ten minutes from our house, to a delicious restaurant with a skyline view, to a picnic-ready ice cream place. Combined with our settling into this new school year’s rhythm, October struck just the right balance between welcome routine and delightful novelty. November is shaping up to be just as sweet–we have a weekend trip scheduled, a few friend get-togethers on the calendar, and, of course, lots of preparations for the holidays!

I know a lot is uncertain and tense with the election just a day away, and believe me, I feel that just as heavily as anyone. My focus right now is putting my head down and taking action on the things I am capable of taking action on and practicing gratitude and trust in the Lord, no matter how things play out. Easier said than done? Yes. Worth the work? I certainly hope so.

October Goal Progress
1. Add spiritual reading back into my daily prayer routine.
2. Go to the pumpkin patch and decorate our front steps.
3. Figure out a Halloween game plan. 
4. Paint the downstairs hallway. 
5. Finalize selections for our kitchen reno (!!!) with my friend Callie‘s help.
6. Prepare for the Blessed Is She workshop I’m leading in November.  (Still more to do, but good progress here!)

November Goals
1. Read the first half of Joy to the World in preparation for Advent/Christmas.
2. Figure out a Thanksgiving plan and celebrate well! (I would LOVE to hear what your plans are!)
3. Paint the guest room and kids’ bathroom.
4. Order our Christmas cards! My favorite tradition :)
5. Back up photos and videos–I’ve gotten so behind on this!
6. Finalize selections for our kitchen reno with my friend Callie‘s help.
7. Finish preparing for and lead the Blessed Is She workshop.






  1. Dana says:

    I feel like Ian and I did a lot of noteworthy things this year, but have absolutely no good Christmas card worthy photos! I can’t wait for y’alls! Sweet little Christmas Azelie’s debut!


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