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Love List

Love List

Yesterday evening, the water line to our neighborhood was unexpectedly cut off. My tendency in situations like this–things that I have no control over–is STRESS. Do you know what happened though? I was a little annoyed, but it never felt like that big of a deal. Dave was wrapping up work, so we loaded the kids in the car, headed to one of our favorite casual spots for dinner, and then went to Costco together, hoping for the best. Sure enough, by the time we got home, the water was back on, we were fed, our kitchen was restocked, and Charlie had delightfully learned how enthusiastic Dave and I are about this song ;)

Lying in bed that night, I was actually taken aback by how little I had let the situation affect me. I wonder if all that we’ve been through in 2020, where we have had to completely let go of so many expectations and plans, has been a training of sorts–a lesson in holding everything in looser hands, even those things I so often take for granted. As we quickly approach the end of the year, I hope to look back and see the good fruits of 2020, not just the hardships. Maybe this is one of them.

Simple Halloween decorations | Something Pretty

1. We are really not big Halloween people, but since we apparently now live in a very big trick or treating neighborhood, we caved and bought our first-ever Halloween decorations: this $10 pack of bats. Charlie helped me put a few in our living room and across our front door and has been so excited about them!

2. I went to a new dentist last week and they sent me home with a bag of RiseWell product samples. I’ve been especially impressed by the floss, which feels SO much more effective than any floss I’ve used before (really, I’m shocked by the difference), and the mouthwash, which I’ve added to my nightly routine since starting to wear a mask regularly (it apparently helps prevent mask-induced acne). Their products are all formulated with clean, natural ingredients, which you know I am all in favor of. Definitely recommend!

3. It has been a while since I shared my recent posts for the Blessed Is She blog, but one that I had the privilege of writing for them last month was this one about cultivating a merciful heart. If you’re struggling to let go of a grudge or to forgive someone (even yourself), I hope it encourages you.

4. My sister just wrapped up her first Whole30! Dave and I have done it twice and plan to attempt it again after I’m done nursing Azelie. In the meantime, chatting about it with Dana reminded me of some of our favorite Whole30 recipes: pumpkin apple breakfast bake, sausage hash brown egg casserole, and barbecue chicken sweet potato bowls, to name a few. Even if you’re not doing the program, it never hurts to add healthy meals like these into the rotation, right?

5. Let’s talk podcasts! Now that I’m spending more time in the car again, I’ve been catching up on the many episodes I’ve had saved over the last few months. Here are all the shows I currently subscribe to (with * indicating the shows I listen to pretty much every episode of). I would love to hear your list and favorites too!

Motherhood: Coffee + Crumbs*, Mothergood
Faith: Abiding Together, She Believed, The Catholic Feminist, Fr. Mike Schmitz
Lifestyle/Misc.: The Balanced Life*, This is Jen, Work and Play with Nancy Ray*
Business: Influencer Business, The Goal Digger, The Spark Show

Happy weekend!






  1. emma says:

    I didn’t know you’re a TS fan! what are you thoughts on the new album, folklore?
    And good for you for turning no water into a lovely evening together. That’s awesome! <3

  2. Alexandra says:

    Deliciously Ella is a great podcast to add.

  3. Dana says:

    Shout out to me :D Breakfast bakes were a lifesaver and Ian also loved them!
    I’ve been thinking about getting bats too. I had seen a house on Instagram last year that I had saved for inspiration that decorated with bats and they seem to be very popular this year. I just got pumpkins and white mums. My green pumpkin turned orange though and I’m furious with it.


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