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Love List

Love List

It has been such a nice week! Charlie’s fourth birthday was a huge highlight, of course, but there have also been a bunch of sweet little moments scattered around that big one: a peaceful grocery store trip with Azelie in the Ergo, the kids’ first bath together (so darn cute and such a surreal “we have two kids” moment!), a little bit of early holiday planning, a much-needed lazy evening spent ignoring our no-TV-during-the-week guideline, and so on. Heading into the weekend feeling content, grateful, and ready for more of the same!

1. When Charlie requested a chocolate birthday cake, I pulled out this recipe that I’ve had saved for almost a decade. It’s actually the same cake I made for my 21st birthday! I swapped the mascarpone frosting for regular chocolate frosting (from the container) for Charlie, but highly recommend the original recipe. And can I just say that it felt SO GOOD to finally make Charlie a birthday cake with milk, butter, and eggs in it? I soaked up every second!

2. J. Crew Factory has been falling flat for me over the last year or so, but I love a bunch of their new fall arrivals! Eyeing this orange floral top, this blush knit cardigan, these white cords, and this cute pullover sweatshirt. All great mix-and-match options for both putting yourself together at home and for occasionally leaving the house ;)

3. As you may already know, I have been using PowerSheets to guide meaningful goal-setting since 2013 and can’t recommend them highly enough. Sneak a peek at the new 2021 covers here and mark your calendar for their launch on October 14. I am 95% sure I’m going to go with this dreamy blue option.

4. For my local gals: Dave and I have been mulling over our personal Raleigh pizza superlatives. I can think of no better service to you on Friday pizza night than to share our list, ha!
Best classic pizzas: Oakwood Pizza Box (this gets our all-around favorite vote too)
Best unique pizza: Benchwarmers
Best fun toppings: Trophy Pizza
Most authentically New York-style: Pizza Times

5. I have been spending some more time on Pinterest lately and almost forgot how much I enjoy aimlessly scrolling for fun inspiration. Currently, I can’t stop pinning fall outfit ideas, sweet kids’ party ideas (is it too early to start dreaming about Azelie’s first birthday..?), and classic home design. What are you pinning/searching for on Pinterest lately?

Have a good one!






  1. Em says:

    Feeling very proud right now that I introduced you to your favorite pizza, right?! Soooooo delicious! And celebrating right alongside you for a birthday cake with milk, eggs, and butter!!

    • Lisa says:

      Yes! Well, kind of? Technically, we first had OPB with Morgan and Kevin, but we first had their classic pepperoni with y’all! Now I’m craving it, haha :)

  2. Dana says:

    I’m so glad y’all moved on from Pappa Johns haha


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