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September Goals


As you might have noticed, I did not even attempt to set goals for August. Dave’s broken elbow (which is almost completely healed, thank God!), back-to-back visitors, and then our first (wonderful!) trips of 2020 threw off any semblance of routine in our house from mid-July onward. It felt like the right time to pause from moving forward and, instead, to reevaluate what I want to focus on during the last few months of the year. If you have been itching to do the same, here’s your permission slip :)

Many things are going to look different this month. Charlie heads back to in-person preschool, I’m starting a new season of self-employment, and we have some fun events on the calendar…most importantly, Charlie’s fourth birthday!! I’m excited to create and settle into a new rhythm, as well as to make progress on the 2020 goals I’ve determined are my highest priorities: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, and 8.

September Goals
1. Fill out my prayer journal and spend time praying over each intention (read about my favorite prayer journals here–I fell out of the habit of using them, but am eager to start back up again! I think it’ll be a great fit for this season.)
2. Check off as many items as possible from our Summer Joy List.
3. Celebrate Charlie’s fourth birthday in a special way!
4. Paint Charlie’s room and the downstairs hallway.
5. Shoot my next post in the For This Feast series (the Feast of the Archangels!) and plan out the rest of the year’s tablescapes.
6. Plan ahead for holiday content!! Please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see! (A few past favorites: What to Wear to a Christmas Church Service, Two Ways to Style Holiday Tartan, a Catholic Gift Guide, Our Christmas Traditions, and An Easy Holiday Makeup Look)
7. Start taking one night a week “off” to rest, outside of the house. Do any mamas here do this? It was gently recommended to me and I’m nervous/excited about the idea.

Cheering you on in whatever you may be tackling this month!






  1. Emma says:

    Your 7th goal is intriguing to me, I am definitely keen to hear more about that when you find a rhythm!

    • Emma says:

      Also, my recommendation would be to get a monthly massage! I regularly get a massage and the trick for me is to go to the same person, preferably a person who works for themselves. Going to the big massage conglomerates feels so corporate and stuffy, not relaxing!

      • Lisa says:

        I have only gotten a massage once in my life, so I never would have thought of that! Considering I often wake up sore from carrying Azelie around all day, every day, it sounds pretty nice!

  2. Kate says:

    Please speak more towards your night off out of the house once a week if you don’t mind. Intrigued as to what that entails, from one Mama of 2 littles to another ;-)

    • Lisa says:

      Sure! The only “requirements” are that 1. I physically leave the house so my mind can take a break from being on-alert for the kids, and 2. I have to do something refreshing and relaxing, not just something productive (for example, going to the grocery store doesn’t count, even though that sounds really nice too!). I’ll keep y’all posted on how it goes!

  3. Dana says:

    You deserve a night off once a week! We can do zoom yoga in the park or something!

  4. Fiona says:

    I love your seventh goal! I have one little one and I love being a stay-at-home mama, but the times I am able to leave the house on my own are life-giving. I’d love to hear what you do and how you feel – the first time was definitely hard for me.

    • Lisa says:

      I will keep y’all posted! I’m hoping it can become a very refueling, refreshing part of my routine :)

  5. Caley says:

    Always love reading your goals and yay for birthday month. My goals are going up this week, a little late this month x


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