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Welcome to Something Pretty, my online journal of classic style inspiration, family adventures and memories, reflections on life and faith, and so much more.
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An Ethical Line with Classic, Feminine Clothes


Thank you SO much for your feedback and survey responses last week! I appreciate your time, honesty, and kindness more than I can say. Stepping into this next chapter feels both comfortably familiar and excitingly new all at the same time and I’m grateful that you’re along for the ride! I am excited and eager to show up for you, serve you, walk alongside you, and share what’s inspiring me even more in the season ahead.

One thing I’ve seen repeatedly in my survey feedback is that y’all appreciate that even though I love fashion and style, it doesn’t seem like I’m constantly buying new clothes. I am glad that is evident because it’s true!! Case in point, I’m wearing the same pair of denim shorts in almost every photo on my Instagram from this summer ;) I don’t use a true capsule wardrobe, but I’m ruthless about editing my closet and try to be very selective about what I do add to it, especially since I’m in a season of my life when my size and needs for my clothing change frequently. Over the last few years, I’ve grown more and more convicted that my ideal closet would be made up of pieces that are timeless, a perfect fit for my style, high-quality, and at least somewhat versatile for things like a growing bump or nursing. I also love supporting ethical and/or American-made brands, but want/need to stick to a reasonable budget, and it’s not always easy to do both simultaneously.

Yes, that’s a long list of qualifications…which makes me all the more excited when I find a brand that checks off so many of them! I came across Olive Clothing last week and don’t remember the last time I was this excited about a new-to-me brand. Some pieces from the ethically made, British brand are a little more on the hipster side, but they also have tons of options that are simple and classic with some type of feminine twist–exactly how I’d describe my style. Find a few of my favorites below (phew, it was not easy to narrow down…I love the whole “Embroidery” category on their site!).

Row 1: Lavender Embroidered Square-Neck Dress, Flower Embroidered Sleeve Sweatshirt, Ditsy Flower Square-Neck Blouse; Row 2: Sophie Striped Tee, Lolita Lace Collar Blouse, Elena Crochet Neck Jumper; Row 3: Georgia Puff Sleeve Dress, Hydrangea Embroidery Blouse, Jeanne Garden Print Dress; Row 4: Daisy Square Neck Blouse, Autumn Flower Babydoll Dress, Pastel Stripe Tee

So pretty, right? I’m intrigued that many of their pieces come in only one size…I think it could work in my favor since I tend to prefer looser, slouchier fits. I don’t hate that it takes some of the hesitation out of an international purchase if I don’t have to choose a size either!

Have you ever tried any of their items? Thoughts on sizing? Have a favorite above? I’d love to hear! (And if I do end up pulling the trigger on anything, I’ll be sure to report back :))






  1. Em says:

    Ooh these look so sweet! LOVE the pastel stripe pink tee! Maybe we can go in on a few items together to get free shipping :)

  2. Dana says:

    Sooo many good things!


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