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Love List


Cheers to the long weekend! Ours is actually extra long because Dave’s company gave everyone the day off today and he’s taking a half-day on Tuesday for Azelie’s baptism. Even though the days are certainly still blending together (seriously, HOW is it almost June?!), the weekends are starting to feel extra special now that summer is around the corner. Keeping this intro short and sweet so we can jump right into some current favorites, a fun question that I’m eager to read your answer to, and then a sunny weekend ahead!

1. My friend Emily sent me a gorgeous print of a watercolor she did (shown above) of one of my favorite places in the world: the Kartause in Gaming, Austria, where Dave and I met. It’s part of the landscape series she’s been doing during quarantine, which has been so much fun to follow along with. I know I have a handful of readers who share my love of Gaming, so don’t miss the giveaway Emily and I are doing for the print on Instagram today!

2. I lament more frequently than I want to admit that I have the worst eyelashes in our house, ha! I will jump at the chance if Dave ever approves “eyelash extensions” in our budget (unlikely…), but in the meantime, I keep switching up mascaras in the hopes of finding one that gives me lashes to rival Charlie’s (also unlikely ;)). My latest discovery is Honest Beauty mascara, which I’ve been very impressed by. It’s affordable and made with clean ingredients, and it holds the curl in my lashes all day long.

3. One more beauty favorite: Beautycounter just launched a new foundation that I can’t wait to try. I wasn’t crazy about their old foundation formula, but have been loving my Dew Skin tinted moisturizer so much lately, it inspired me to give the new foundation a go. I ordered it in Light 210 and will report back!

4. I just started following @cassmakeshome and love her interiors style! Such a great balance between classic and clean + warm and full of character. Her kitchen reno has me a little bit tempted to start DIY-ing ours, though, which I am verrrry unqualified to do…thinking I should at least wait till post-quarantine in case I mess anything up that then needs professional attention!

5. Azelie is three months old today! I love filling out her Promptly journal each month–it provides thoughtful prompts and the perfect amount of space to record memories. Plus, the book is so beautiful and heirloom-worthy! Definitely recommend as a sweet baby gift or to pick up yourself during pregnancy.

Inspired by the Gaming watercolor, I would love to hear: what are your top three favorite places in the whole world? Other than the hill pictured in the painting (I know, I’m cheating by choosing four!), here are mine, in no particular order:
1. The steps of the New York public library
2. St. Peter’s square in Rome
3. Pippin Hill






  1. Kristen says:

    This question is hard!!! I think the greenbelt in Austin, Carousel in Warrenton, and Ireland in general (it’s small so that’s allowed) :)

  2. Dana says:

    Olson lashes are the WORST :'(
    Hmm favorite places…Cathedral of Learning, the boardwalk in Austin, maybe the San Marcos River…or PNC Park…or my Llano house backyard haha

    • Lisa says:

      None of your answers surprise me :)
      I think Kristen has the best eyelashes out of all of us, but her mascara did not work as well on me!

  3. Em says:

    Hard question! Number one for me would absolutely be our island in Maine, and I feel like number two would be Mystic/Southeastern CT… where we grew up and were married! A little lame, but I’m a sentimental gal :) Number three would be hard, but maybe Beaufort, SC?!

    I just bought Covergirl Super Sizer mascara on a recommendation and hated it (good thing it’s cheap!), so headed to check out Honest’s!

    • Lisa says:

      All such special places! Keep me posted on how the Honest mascara works for you! :)

  4. Alisa Zimmerman says:

    Maybe you’ve already shared this, but now I’m curious how you met your husband.

    My three favorite places are:
    1. Fresno, CA (my current home) I love my community here so much.
    2. Chop Point Camp in Maine where I worked two summers and spent many hours in the water!
    3. NYC!

  5. Sara says:

    This is such a fun question!
    1. We had a lake small enough to walk around growing up, and there was nothing more relaxing than taking a walk around the lake
    2. Anywhere along the pacific coast highway. I lived in San Jose for six months, and loved driving along the coast
    3. Boomer, NC, where the summer camp I went to was located. Summer camp holds some of the best, sweetest memories for me.
    Have a great long weekend!

    • Lisa says:

      So many great outdoorsy spots! I didn’t know you lived in San Jose! I have actually never been to California but am very eager for a kid-free Napa trip someday :)

  6. NM says:

    Hey from a long-time reader :)
    I think I remember reading here a while back that you love ballet and reading about Anastasia! Have you seen that the Royal Ballet are showing their ballet Anastasia for free on YouTube this week? I thought you might enjoy it! Love from the UK x

  7. Emma says:

    1) my grandma’s house :)
    2) a warm, sunny day at the beach
    3) my friend’s mountain house
    I hope the baptism was lovely!

  8. Richard says:

    I’m not taking the blame on poor eyelash genetics.

    Top three places is not enough but here I go:
    1) Nusa Dua, Bali (St. Regis)
    2) Sentosa Cove, Singapore
    3) London Hyde Park

  9. Mary says:

    This is late and this is hard for me to narrow it down, but I’ll try to share my top 3! 1. Rome as a city as a whole, but almost every day on our trip we walked from St Peters to the Trevi fountain area along Via Dei Coronari… the most beautiful street in the world to me! Lets bring the kids and meet up there some day! 😅 2. The church we got married and engaged at. 3. Probably the Kartause Chapel or anywhere in Assisi.


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