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Something Pretty Home Tour: 2019


At long last, not only a blog post, but one I’ve had on my list for over a year! I had planned to share an updated peek at our home every summer, but as of last year, we hadn’t changed hardly anything since 2018. I’m happy to report that we’ve made some more small changes over the last year, and looking around our house right now, I am so proud of how our space has slowly evolved over the last three-and-a-half years. There are still a handful of projects left undone, but I feel as though we have truly made all 1200 of these square feet work for us and our lives in this season. It would be very easy to dwell on the items that are lingering on our list, but in this post, I want to focus on celebrating the parts I’m most proud of and share what I’m most grateful for! This house has been the backdrop for the absolute sweetest, most precious moments of our lives over the last few years and no number of projects completed can trump that :)

If you’re newer to Something Pretty and want to take a peek down memory lane, here is part one and part two of our house-hunting experience, our house on move-in day in 2016, and a home tour in 2017!

One of my favorite updates we’ve made is painting our black front door the prettiest shade of blue on both sides of the door. It made our house look so much more cheerful and I love the pop of color in the entryway! Read more about our front steps refresh here.

Door knocker, doormat

My desk nook is the first thing you see when you walk in the door, which is good motivation to keep it tidy. I simplified my desk styling this year when I started using it more (Charlie being in school means I don’t have to hole up in the office to work!), keeping just my trusty planner, a few photos, my favorite Candlefish candle, a few inspiring coffee table books, and my rose gold lamp on the desk. I’m obsessed with the square painting my incredibly talented friend Morgan gave me recently–it’s my first original painting!

Similar desk, similar desk chair, lamp, Paris print, painting, planner

Our living room hasn’t changed much since 2017, other than some more evidence of a three-year-old :) We keep Charlie’s comfy chair in the corner most of the time unless he’s using it for his Saturday morning screen time. For over a year, we had baskets in the shelf under the window, but after reading The Montessori Toddler, I was inspired to ditch the baskets, pare the toys down, and display everything so he could see it. Major success–I honestly think Charlie has been playing in a far more focused way since we did this! I really don’t mind being able to see the toys since they’re all stored so neatly, and since this is the main room where we play, it makes the most sense to have them there.

Couch (SO comfy, but make sure you get a high-performance fabric if you have a sunny living room. As you can see, ours has gotten so discolored in just two years, which we are so bummed about!), similar gingham pillows, floral pillows, similar throw blanket, rug, similar ottoman, toy storage shelf, kids armchair, similar ginger jar, lamp

No big changes in the dining nook or kitchen! We made some simple tweaks to these spaces early on and have been very happy with them ever since.

Dining table, similar dining chairs, play kitchen, peony print, marble utensil crock

Headed down the hallway, here’s what I jokingly refer to as “the multi-purpose room”–it serves as our guest room, Dave’s office, and (until recently when I mostly moved to the entryway desk) my office. Dave took down our double-decker desk recently, but you can see it here for a little bit of a laugh/maybe a small-space-living tip ;) Rotating the bed opened up lots of space in this room to accommodate our office corner a little better, which is what we use this room for the most often.

Similar quilt, herringbone pillow, similar desk, similar chair, similar (prettier :)) dry erase calendar

Nothing too different in the guest bathroom or laundry closet since 2017 either. As you know, redoing the laundry room has been sitting on my goals post for the last few months. It hasn’t happened yet, but in the meantime, we made an effort to straighten up and store things in baskets for a cleaner look (we just used the baskets that used to hold Charlie’s toys in the living room–easy!).


I shared a closer look at Charlie’s “big boy room” in this post! He really doesn’t do too much other than sleep in this room, but it’s such a sweet space that we all love. A few of my favorite things in it are his ABC Saints poster, the custom C.S. Lewis quote print by Prairie Letter Shop, and the measuring stick my sister-in-law made.

Toddler bed, buffalo quilt, glider, similar gingham pillow, floating shelves, kids armchair, blackout curtains, okay-to-wake clock

Our master may have seen the most changes in the last year or so, though it still feels like one of the more unfinished rooms (investing in a real bed is high on our to-do list). Most notably, we found our dream vintage dresser after a year-long Craigslist sleuth, and it’s now one of our favorite things in our home. Someday, we’ll have it professionally refinished (and the mirror fixed), but I still love the look of it as it is. We also made some changes in the master bathroom with a fresh coat of paint on the drawers and new hardware for a totally different and much fresher look. More details on that in this post.

Bedspread, similar gray velvet pillows, floral pillow, nightstands, similar lamps, black frames, similar dresser

Last but not least, one of the biggest reasons we bought this house in the first place: the outdoor space. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to live in a house without a screened-in porch again–for a girl who hates bugs and would rather stay inside than deal with them, it gets me outside waaaay more than I would be there otherwise! Charlie and I are out here literally every single day. In the spring, Dave’s dad and brother drove down from New York with a truck full of tools to help Dave redo the deck off the porch, and it turned out so beautifully! We never really used the deck before, but now, love having dinner out there on nice evenings. We’re gearing up for our first dinner party out there this weekend and I can’t wait!

Porch set, porch cushions, palm pillow, porch rug, dining set, blue and white citronella candles, white planters

If you’re a newer reader, I hope you enjoyed this tour, and if you’ve been following along for a while, I hope it was fun to see all the updates in one place! I tried to include some still-available or similar sources, but if you have questions about anything else, pop them in the comments :)






  1. Mary says:

    Love your house and all the changes you’ve made in it! Great job, you guys!

  2. Allison says:

    I could not love your home more. This is delight and so loved. <3

  3. Jennifer says:

    That outdoor dining and screen in porch are just dreamy!!

  4. Dana says:

    What a happy and loving house! I just went back to the OG post on the old zillow pics of this house and y’all made a DRASTIC improvement.


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