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May Goals


Spring is consistently one of the most jam-packed seasons in our family, and this year is no exception. We’re traveling almost every other weekend till the end of June! Even though it feels stressful sometimes, I’ve been reminding myself often that this is what we do and what we love. Living far away from our families, Dave and I have criss-crossed the country frequently throughout our whole relationship, and we make a huge effort to show up for things if at all possible. I know we won’t always be able to travel this much as we hopefully grow our family, but for now with just Charlie in tow, we’re still pretty mobile. As you may have seen from my over-gramming, the three of us spent last weekend in Charleston, one of my favorite cities in the world. When I was invited to a baby shower there that fell right after Dave’s and my anniversary, we decided to jump at the opportunity to make a family trip out of it. It was the best reminder that even in seasons when we’re traveling for big events a lot, that’s not quite the same as taking a vacation for our little family. Both are so important, and I’m glad the weekend meant we’ll fit in both types of travel this spring. I have a full recap of our trip coming up next week, but in the meantime, here’s what I’m planning to tackle in between packing lists and laundry this month!

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April Goals
1. Go to two holy hours with nothing but my Bible and my new prayer journal. (I’m so disappointed I didn’t make time for this! Moving to May.)
2. Celebrate Holy Week and Easter well.
3. Get back on track with no TV on weekday evenings.
4. Choose and buy plants for our front steps, and maybe a few indoor plants too.
5. Work out with the Studio Tone It Up app 3-4 times per week.
6. Finish and share two big posts I’ve been working on
7. Curate 2016 photos. (In progress–I need to work on Dave’s!)
8. Celebrate the one-year anniversary of Gal Meets Glam Collection in Charleston

May Goals
1. Go to two holy hours with nothing but my Bible and my new prayer journal.
2. Read the Ordinary Time section of The Catholic All Year Compendium to start thinking ahead for the upcoming season
3. Eat dinner outside as often as we can
4. Finish deck improvements–sand and stain, add string lights, plant rosemary in planters (okay, Dave is doing most of this, but I am assisting and creative directing :))
5. Incorporate running back into my workout routine, aim for once a week to start
6. Finish and share post about Charlie’s allergies and convince Dave to finish his guest post about personal finance. Let us know any questions you have about either topic below!
7. Curate 2016 photos.
8. Support Dana well in the final countdown to her wedding!






  1. Carol says:

    I love seeing your goals! You actually inspired me to do monthly goals as well. I’ve liked doing monthly goals rather than weekly ones. It gives some more flexibility, and I find that helpful. I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts about Charlie as well as the one about finances. Have a great day Lisa!

  2. Dana says:

    I look forward to setting up our backyard in Missouri since I lost my porch when I had to move out of my apartment. We got new string lights that remind us of Austin!

    • Lisa says:

      It will be so nice to have some outdoor space back!! You should set it up as soon as you get there so you can start enjoying it right away!


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