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I was telling a friend the other day that the blessing and challenge of the last few months is that I’m not sure I’ve ever had so many different priorities on my plate at one time. I’ve certainly walked through seasons when I’ve been more stressed or overwhelmed than I am now, but I’ve never had this feeling of being pulled in so many important directions all. The. Time. In the interest of catching up (I’ve missed blogging!), I’d love to share a little bit about what I’ve been up to.

Work: As you may have seen on Instagram, I started a new job right after Labor Day! This has been the biggest shake-up to my routine, but I’m tremendously grateful for it. I’m working part-time as a copywriter for Gal Meets Glam, a fashion blogger and designer I’m sure many of you are familiar with :) I’ve been following Julia since we were both in college and have loved watching her content evolve and her business grow over the years. When she launched the Gal Meets Glam Collection in the spring, I felt compelled to reach out and offer my services through my copywriting business–even though she doesn’t run a wedding brand, I was excited about the possibility of trying something a little different. I honestly wasn’t even expecting a reply (but hoped for one, since I was pretty proud of the pitch I ended up sending, haha!), but a few days later, their team invited me to work for them as a contractor. About four months later, they called me with a part-time job offer, and after a lot of prayer and discernment (this is my favorite “sermon” on discernment ever), I decided to jump at the opportunity. I’ve honestly realized over the last year that I thrive more on being an employee of a wonderful business, not running my own–there’s some unspoken pressure in the creative space to be a “girl boss,” but I’m so much happier (and get to write SO much more!) when I’m serving another business I believe in. I’m truly enjoying the fast-paced, trail-blazing environment of GMG–it feels very “magazine” to me, which y’all know is a space I love!

Charlie: I’m so thankful that my job enables me to be home and present with Charlie–it’s something I love and cherish, and even though this part-time-work-from-home-juggle can be enormously complicated sometimes, I wouldn’t change it. Charlie has gotten so active and definitely needs more from me now that he’s two–carting him along as I run errands all day doesn’t cut it anymore. Some of his favorite activities lately are playing in the backyard, kicking a mini soccer ball around, going for walks to collect leaves, playing with this farm train, and reading these books.
P.S. If you’re curious about our current childcare set-up, a wonderful babysitter comes over six hours per week, and I am able to fit the other nine hours of work in throughout the week during Charlie’s naps (though I have to completely forbid myself from doing ANYTHING else during naptime in order to make that happen) and occasionally a little bit of time on Saturday or after Dave gets home.

Dave: Dave has been a champ over the last few weeks. He passed all of his CPA exams on the first try (!!), but just as that season of studying ended, I started my job at GMG and we found ourselves with a whole new schedule to navigate. He has been so understanding about occasionally piled-up dishes, laundry that sits in the dryer for a week, and a little more takeout than usual (any guesses which area of our life has suffered the most lately? Ha!) We have our first trip for just the two of us coming up quickly, and even though I’m super anxious about leaving Charlie (he’ll be in tremendously capable hands; I’ll just miss him!) for the longest amount of time since he was born, I’m trying my best to focus on how excited I am to spend a few days alone with Dave. We need it at the end of this crazy year, and everyone I know who has traveled without their babies seems to live to tell the tale and be closer to their spouse because of it :)

Blessed Is She: As you probably know, I’ve been guest posting for the Blessed Is She blog monthly for about a year now, which has been such a joy! I love their ministry SO much and am truly grateful to play the tiniest role in it. They invited me to join their team of regular blog contributors a few months ago, and I was so honored to be invited to write one of the weeks of posts for their annual Prayer Pledge month, coming up in January. It’s a lot of work on top of my already packed schedule right now, but I know it’ll be so worth it. Excited to share more when I can! In the meantime, I have a post about Advent coming out on their blog soon that I can’t wait for you to see, and I’ll be praying alongside their community with their beautiful new Advent journal. There’s still time to grab the journal here, or the Advent bundle (journal + canvas wristlet + frankincense-and-myrrh-scented candle!) here.

Half-marathon training: File this one under super-time-consuming-things-that-I-did-not-account-for-earlier! Now that I’m running up 5-10 miles per training run, it takes 1-2 hours to go for a run, and I am seriously struggling to find that much time, especially now that the sun sets so early. Honestly, I’ve been down to running twice a week instead of three times–not great for the last two months of training, but I literally cannot figure out how to do better at this point. Can I get a grace, not perfection? ;)

House projects: We are tentatively starting to feel out the real estate market in Raleigh again…we LOVE our house so much, but since we know we want to send Charlie to our parish school in a few years, we want to be closer to the school and are getting nervous about being priced out of downtown Raleigh if we wait too long. We want to be able to jump on the perfect property if one comes up, which means starting to get serious about the projects we need to do in our own house to get it ready to sell. It’s astounding how many little to-dos pop up every time we look around!

Alright, I think that about covers most of what’s been going on around here! I want to hear what you’ve been up to too, so let me know the following in the comments below:

1. The three things that have been filling your schedule lately, in one word each
2. One way you’ve been resting or relaxing lately (so I can steal your tips ;) Actually, my answer is that I FINALLY convinced Dave to watch Downton Abbey with me, and it is the best!!)
3. One thing you’re most looking forward to during the rest of November






  1. Shannon Driscoll says:

    1. Work, kids, festivities (that was actually really hard to put into one word each!)

    2. One way I’ve been relaxing lately is I started recording Wheel of Fortune. My husband and I watch it after we put the kids to bed and it’s become a thing for us now. And it comes on every day and is only 30 minutes so we won’t go down the binge-cycle and stay up too late (this also makes us seem like old people but we’re really not!).

    3. We are going home to Mississippi on Friday for 10 days, so having a lot of sister and cousin time!

  2. Brittany Werth says:

    Loved reading your update, friend! Here’s mine!
    1. Toddler; career; unpacking
    2. Getting up 30 minutes earlier to enjoy my first coffee of the day in solitude
    3. Hosting Thanksgiving!

  3. Nichole W says:

    Three things filling my schedule: work, home-buying, and baby-prepping!
    One way I’ve been resting: reading more. I try to get 2 books each time I go to the library so I have the option to read them on my lunch break and at home instead of always binging a TV show.
    One thing I’m most looking forward to in November: Travelling. We’re going on our babymoon this weekend, then travelling to see family for Thanksgiving. We’ll see how my 7 month pregnant body does through all of that, but for now I’m excited!

  4. Tricia says:

    Thanks for the fun update! I’ve missed your posts, but I figured you must be up to some wonderful things and you did not disappoint :).

    1. Baby, housework (it never ends!), home-buying.
    2. I’ve recently taken up knitting again and it is so relaxing! I couldn’t find a baby hat I liked so my husband suggested I make one. While it is far from professional, it has been so fun to make.
    3. Thanksgiving! We are spending the week with 20 of my family members and I could not be more excited about it.

  5. Darby says:

    Missed hearing from you lately!
    1. Motherhood, work and volunteer commitments.
    2. Taking a shower and washing my face every night. I know it seems minimal, but I feel better and more prepared for the day ahead.
    3. A bachelorette trip this weekend!

  6. Mary says:

    So many exciting things! Can’t wait to hear about your trip. Our trip was amazing and I definitely am now a believer in the kid free vacation! And I am with you on the training. I don’t get to do it as much as I would like, but I think you will be just fine come January!

    1. Work, laundry and lots of family time!
    2. Reading lots of different books! I read a lot of travel books/books about Italy before our trip and I’m still working my way through some of those. I’ve also been trying to make it a habit of reading a little bit of Scripture everyday.
    3. Looking forward to Thanksgiving break! :)

  7. Valerie says:

    1. Motherhood, renovating, entrepreneurship!
    2. Reading magazines! It feels like such a luxury, because I typically don’t subscribe or read any (I know you’re a magazine gal and might be fainting at that, ha!) I LOVE to read books but it feels harder than ever to conquer an entire one right now, so magazines have been a fun way to feel like I get some rest and reading time, while still accomplishing something since I can read the whole thing in 30 minutes!
    3. Looking forward to decorating my parents house for Christmas, since we won’t be in our own!

  8. Dana says:

    1. work, Huck, cooking
    2. I’m rewatching One Tree Hill and it is amazing. Also Kristen dog sits Huck so I can go to my favorite yoga class after school on Tuesdays.
    3. I’m excited to go home and have mom cook for me and then take home leftovers to not have to cook for a few days :)

  9. Kristina says:

    1. Job hunting, job hunting, and more job hunting.
    2. Since the beginning of fall I‘ve been re-watching favorite Gilmore Girls episodes – perfect way to relax before bed. I‘ve also made it a habit to go for long walks 3-4 times a week and to either listen to podcasts or worship music while walking. I find that very relaxing!
    3. I‘m looking forward to celebrating my golden birthday at the end of this month and to start decorating for advent!

    Lisa, it was so fun to read your life updates! I‘m very excited to read your post on advent on the Blessed Is She blog soon!

  10. Em says:

    1. Family, work, and extended family :)
    2. Normally my favorite way to unwind is with a long walk, but since that hasn’t been happening as often lately, it’s been the Great British Baking Show!
    3. Thanksgivings with each side of our family and the Terhunes!

  11. emma says:

    I LOVE this post, especially the line “everyone I know who has traveled without their babies seems to live to tell the tale,” haha! Good for you for reaching out to a brand you love and creating a job for yourself, in addition to acknowledging that you’d prefer to work for a company versus for yourself. I feel the same way because I like focusing on what I’m good at without having to constantly work to find someone new to pay me to do it.

    1. work, toddler, husband

    2. I took about a week off from working out last week. It wasn’t by choice (I got sick), but I did notice how good it felt to actually rest. It also helped my relationship to eating and working out: I had started to believe that if I stopped exercising I would gain weight. This did not happen. So now I can move forward in a less obsessive manner and exercise to be healthy (not skinny).

    3. I’m looking forward to a four-day weekend next week to spend more time at home with my boys! Also, shopping :)

  12. Rhiannon says:

    1. Baby
    2. Toddler
    3. Kids

    Haha but really! Love reading about all you’ve been up to, friend. Feels like I got to sit down with you in person :) And I am even more happy to hear how well and full life is for you aside from the feelings of being pulled in many directions. Praying for pockets of rest as needed for you!


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