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My Top Five Brunch Spots in Raleigh


Friends, so sorry for the radio silence around here! I hope I can make it up to you with this much-requested post :)

My love of brunch is no secret, but what you might not know is why it’s especially meaningful to me. My parents introduced my siblings and me to the concept when we lived abroad and they started a tradition of taking us to a fancy hotel brunch on New Year’s Day. Bringing four kids along to three-hour-long brunch buffets may sound a little crazy, but as it turns out, there are few better settings for elaborate games of “princess” than a beautiful hotel, where even a trip to the restroom is fuel for the imaginations of little girls! My go-to brunch spots are on the more casual side nowadays, but heading out for a Sunday mid-morning meal still turns any day into a special occasion to me, every single time. And on the very rare occasion that I do find myself brunching at a fancier venue? Let’s just say that when it comes to imagining myself as a princess, old habits die hard ;) If you’re in Raleigh and hungry on a Sunday afternoon, here are five places where you may find Dave and Charlie and me!

Trophy Tap and Table: I almost don’t want to post this because one of the best perks of this place is that it seems like a secret! We’ve never had to wait for a table, and even though the food is amazing, it’s not too crowded on Sundays. They switch up their menu frequently and everything we’ve ordered has been delicious, from the strawberry chocolate chip waffles to the breakfast burrito. Their garam masala sweet potato fries are especially good, so I recommend ordering some as a side or for the table. This is also an awesome place to come with a group because they offer a magnum mimosa tray (pictured below), which includes a magnum bottle of bubbly and a selection of tasty mix-ins so you can make DIY mimosas. P.S. If there’s not an event going on, be sure to ask for a seat on their fabulous rooftop patio.

Trophy Tap and Table

Humble Pie: This is our old go-to, but since there’s often a wait, we haven’t been in awhile. If you’re brunching without an impatient toddler (or an impatient adult, for that matter ;)), I highly recommend this popular spot in the Warehouse District. Their menu is small, but every dish we’ve tried has been a hit, especially the fried chicken sandwich and the blueberry pancakes. Free biscuits and roasted potatoes for the table don’t hurt either!

Best Brunch in Raleigh: Humble Pie

Coquette: We held our rehearsal dinner at Coquette, so it is near and dear to my heart, and I always jump at the chance to head over for brunch! One of our all-time favorite brunch memories is from a time when we grabbed a table by the open windows on a beautiful day–it felt like a little taste of French café culture, which I could always use more of! You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but I’ve especially enjoyed their quiche Lorraine and apple and bacon jam crêpes.

Best Brunch in Raleigh: Coquette

Tupelo Honey: A word to the wise: I would probably not venture to Tupelo Honey on a Sunday afternoon without a reservation, but if you do grab a spot, it’ll be well worth it! Tupelo Honey is home to Dave’s favorite omelet of all time (the Shoo Mercy Omelet, filled with fried green tomato, smoked ham, bacon, pimento cheese, and pickled jalapeno), while I typically opt for a sweeter dish, like their Sweet Potato Pancakes. Be sure to order cocktails too–their rotating menu always features such tasty, creative options.

Best Brunch in Raleigh: Tupelo Honey

Jubala Coffee: If we’re shorter on time or budget, but still want to go out for brunch, we always head to our neighborhood coffee favorite, Jubala. They make the most amazing biscuits (our go-to is a biscuit with their heavenly pimento cheese and bacon) and Belgian waffles that are perfect for a quick, but decadent, meal. Of course, their coffee is fantastic too! If the weather is nice, we love sitting outside so Charlie can run around in the grass.

Best Brunch in Raleigh: Jubala

Honorable mention to my favorite Durham brunch spot, Foster’s Market! We have such great memories of big group gatherings here, including one with our family and friends who came from out-of-town to celebrate Charlie’s baptism with us. We love it for groups because you can go order at the counter whenever and then gather at the big picnic tables on their patio and lawn, and their food is SO good. I often go with whatever pancake special they’re serving up and I have never been disappointed.

Raleigh friends, did I include or miss your personal favorite? Let me know in the comments below!






  1. Dana says:

    I think you’ve brought me to all of these except Trophy. Guess I need to come visit! :)

  2. Hope says:

    I never thought of going to Trophy for brunch – what a great recommendation! Irregardless is another favorite of mine for brunch in Raleigh! Like you with Coquette, it is near to my heart because Irregardless catered my wedding, but we have yet to try anything from the brunch menu that we don’t like. The pancakes and omlettes are amazing, but one of my favorite things about their brunch is that they bring a basket of breakfast breads (banana bread, biscuits, muffins, etc) before your meal instead of the usual basket of French bread you would get at dinner.

  3. Em says:

    I have very fond memories of meeting my Dad for lunch at the Officer’s Club at the Coast Guard Academy – they had the fanciest bathroom with a sitting room, fake plants, and swinging saloon-style doors that my sisters and I were obsessed with :)

  4. Kristina says:

    I LOVE all things brunch and if I could I would jump on a plane right now and spend the next couple of days trying all these amazing places. Maybe one day ;-) Raleigh is definitely in the top three on my bucket list!

  5. Emily says:

    I should have known that your post would make me hungry! You had me at Foster’s! Such a favorite along with Jubala as well.. I haven’t tried the newer menu items at Sola, but it might be worth exploring. Happy brunching!

  6. Taryn says:

    My boyfriend and I go to Jubala Coffee after Mass some Sundays! Love these.


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