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My Two Favorite Lunch Recipes


Do you have a least favorite meal of the day? Mine is lunch. Dave and I try to plan for leftovers as much as possible, but it’s a skill we still haven’t quite mastered despite our years of trying. Plus, now that I’m at home every day, he gets automatic dibs on leftovers that are easy to take to work! While I’ll often resort to the classic standby of PB&J, I’m happy to report that there are two easy lunch recipes in particular that I’ve been loving lately. Since Charlie can now somewhat feed himself, I love being able to pop him into his high chair and whip up one of these tasty meals for myself while he chomps his own lunch :)

I love salads when they’re packed with a bunch of different elements…and I’m not great about stocking ingredients at home. This easy salad is the exception! It’s made of spinach, diced havarti cheese, diced apple (we like Empires when we can find them, but Galas are my second choice), chopped walnuts, and Brianna’s poppyseed dressing. Most poppyseed dressings are too sweet for me, but I love this one. I’ve also thrown in leftover chicken or bacon, but like I said, the days I have leftovers to work with are few and far between…thankfully, this salad is just as good without a meat component.

Below is my newest lunch obsession, inspired by the Beans and Greens Quesadilla in Love Real Food (side note: RUN to your library or Amazon to grab this cookbook if you haven’t read it! I checked it out from the library and made eight recipes in the two weeks I had it. Needless to say, it’s on my birthday list so I can keep working my way through it!). I changed it up to better fit the ingredients I already have on hand on any given day. Just heat up a glug of olive oil in a pan, add a big handful of spinach and sprinkle with salt, pepper, cracked red pepper, and garlic powder, and cook until wilted. In the meantime, sprinkle shredded cheese onto half of a tortilla and spoon on a handful of rinsed and dried pinto beans (I use organic ones from a can). Add the spinach and an extra bit of cheese on top of the beans so the quesadilla will stay “glued” shut, and heat it on the same pan you used for the spinach for a minute or two on each side. I love how filling these are, especially topped with some guacamole or simple sliced avocado.

Do you have a go-to lunch? I’m always looking for more ideas!






  1. Sara says:

    I love making Greek pitas for lunch, and they’re super simple! I cut up a red onion, tomatoes, and the rotisserie chicken from Harris Teeter ($2 off on Sundays) at the beginning of the week. Then at lunch time, combine those ingredients with lettuce and tzatziki sauce (I get the store bought kind) in a pita. Easy and filling!

    • Lisa says:

      That sounds delicious!! Definitely right up my alley. Thanks for the Sunday sale tip! :)

  2. mary says:

    Quesadillas have been one of our go-to’s lately. So easy to make, and the kiddos love them! I love adding greens to them too. I occasionally make eggs salad with hard boiled eggs and mixed with avocado and spices so it tastes just like guac! It’s surprisingly good!

    • Lisa says:

      I need to look up some dairy-free quesadilla ideas for Charlie–they’re such a good kid food!

      • mary says:

        I think the tortilla with beans and chicken or even something simple like deli meat would be tasty without the cheese! Also my kiddos love deli meat like ham and salami! Such an easy lunch protein for them.

  3. Megan says:

    My favorite lunch salad is similar to yours – just with sharp cheddar instead of havarti! So good and easy too. :)

  4. Amy says:

    Lunches are super hard for me to come up with yummy ideas too – thanks for the post – I’m excited to try these!

  5. Dana says:

    I hate lunch too! My students always laugh at me because I look miserable eating my salad at lunch. I try to switch it up with different dressings and fruit, but I get bored so fast. Some weeks I’ll grab the salad bags so I don’t have to commit to a bottle of dressing and can get some variety. I’ll have to try these :)


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