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Love List

Love List

I am writing this while there is about five inches of snow on the ground…in Raleigh, that is not the most common occurrence! We were excited to take Charlie outside to play in it, but honestly, I hope it doesn’t stick around–snow days are a little bit less relaxing when entertaining a toddler ;) We did have a really sweet day yesterday coloring together, snuggling on the couch, reading books, and sharing snacks (“‘nack” is currently one of Charlie’s favorite words/activities), but I’m anxious for all of the fun things we’ll get to do when spring arrives!

In the meantime, here are a few things I’m loving lately :)

Scent: Even though the jasmine wasn’t blooming in Charleston in December the way it was during our spring trip, I’d been wanting a jasmine-scented candle to remind me of the Holy City all year long. I found the perfect scent at Charleston staple, Candlefish–No. 53! Catching a whiff of it brings me right back to spring, even during this snowy week.

Wish list item: I have been eyeing this adorable blush and white pullover for months but keep missing out on my size! Really, all of the color combinations are cute, so if you’re a size XS in Abercrombie, jump on one of them :)

Routine: To my Catholic readers, have you heard of the Every Sacred Sunday Mass journals? Theirs was the first Kickstarter campaign I’ve ever donated to (they were something crazy like 300% funded on the first day!) and I have been absolutely loving my journal. I sneak into our guest room, where we have our family altar set up, every Sunday morning to reflect on the readings (right there in the journal!) and fill out my notes, things I’m thankful for, intentions, and a way I’m committing to pray during the week. I highly recommend it, and if you order now, you can receive 10% off with the code JANUARYSHIPPING and receive your journal in time for Lent! (Note, the above is not an affiliate link–I just love ESS and would love for you to support them with me!)

Recipe: I tore a recipe for chicken and barley stew out of an issue of Southern Living from last fall and we¬†have already made it twice this month! Comfort food that isn’t too heavy but is still delicious is hard to come by, but this one checks all of the “perfect winter dinner” boxes.

Instagram account: My friend Anna and her husband make travel and adventure a huge priority in their lives, and I’m selfishly glad they do because it means I get to live vicariously through the gorgeous photos she posts on her Instagram! Her December trip to Quebec made me actually want to venture to Canada in winter…a big deal for this summer-all-the-time-please Texan ;)

Podcast episode: My love for Coffee + Crumbs is well-documented, so I jumped to listen to an episode of Journeywomen featuring the founder, Ashlee Gadd. I kind of feel like Ashlee is my soul sister (haha!), and she shared such beautiful wisdom about stewarding our God-given gifts. Give it a listen here (episode 33).

What are some things you’re loving lately?






  1. Ana Y says:

    We started using essential oils (kid safe ones) and are really liking them!

  2. Katie O says:

    Casey Cole, OFM on Facebook and Youtube (Breaking in the Habit). He’s a Franciscan Friar student who posts Youtube videos about the Catholic faith to let people know more. I personally love this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feZWE6sOm20 and the one where he asked his parents questions about him being a Priest. You can get caught up (in a good way!.) watching his videos and the knowledge he shares.


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