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Southern Weddings V9!


As many of you know, I’m proud and grateful to be an editor at Southern Weddings magazine. I’m on maternity leave from work right now, but I wanted to jump in and share that our annual print edition is coming out one week from today!! We revealed the cover yesterday, and it is one of my favorites ever. Isn’t she a beauty?


Honestly, it hasn’t been the easiest year at work–our office has gone through a LOT of change in a short amount of time (including three new babies!), and growing pains are always tough. But, it makes me all the more proud of what we accomplished through this issue, and if you pick it up, I sincerely hope you love it as much as I do! Find it on news stands all across the Southeast (Barnes and Noble and Target are two of our biggest distributors, so start there if you’re looking!) starting November 10, or pick up a copy online in the Southern Weddings Shop to guarantee you’ll be one of the first to see it. I can’t wait to hear what you think! :)

P.S. If you’re a newer reader (hi!!), here’s a post on how I got my job at Southern Weddings, if you’re interested!






  1. Victoria says:

    I’m SO ready to have this issue in my mailbox! One of my favorite things every year!!

  2. Kyla says:

    She’s beautiful Lisa! I just got engaged on Saturday (!!!) so the timing of this launch and the arrival of V9 in my mailbox could not be more perfect. :)

  3. Dana says:

    Cannot wait!!!!

  4. Em says:

    Wheeeeeeee!! So happy to do this good work alongside you :)


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