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November Goals


I had no idea what the first month with a baby would feel like, and while there have been some hard things about it, for the most part, October was really good! Dave and I set a goal to get out of the house at least every other day, and we’ve stuck to that since we brought Charlie home from the hospital. Between that, our families being here for almost half the month, and friends popping in every few days for our meal train (best invention ever!), I’ve definitely felt supported during this unique stage. Dave has been reminding me often that we’re in just that–a stage–and life will eventually become a little bit more normal. I’m soaking up lots of hope from the mamas I know, both in person and via social media (I listed a few favorites here). They seem to eventually get back into normal habits like running errands and cooking their own dinners, so as silly as it may sound, I have to constantly remind myself that eventually, I will too!


October Goals

  • Navigate the transition of Dave going back to work with a positive attitude
  • Have Charlie baptized! (And host our families well for the celebration)
  • Aim to take a walk around the neighborhood every day
  • Back up the photos on my computer (moved photos from my phone to my computer, so halfway there!)
  • Celebrate Halloween with chili, cornbread, passing out candy, and Charlie’s first costume!

November Goals

  • (Assuming I get the all-clear to exercise at my six-week postpartum checkup next week) Start doing Tone It Up workouts three times a week
  • Add birth story and newborn photos to Charlie’s Baby Book
  • Do all my Christmas shopping! Stay tuned for this year’s Gift Guide Week, coming the week before Thanksgiving :)
  • Celebrate! A sweet friend’s wedding, the Southern Weddings V9 launch party, and Thanksgiving with Dave’s family






  1. Katie says:

    Girl – you need to get Google Photos! Best app ever. It automatically backs up all your photos on your phone, so you can access them on desktop or from any device! Life changing.

  2. Katelin says:

    Goals posts are my favourite! On a side note, yes, normal habits totally do return, and it feels wonderful. :) Our son is almost 5 months old and it is so enjoyable to once again be able to plan meals, confidently host friends, and go to the grocery store without feeling you are carrying around an atomic clock. Also, being able to exercise! Those endorphins are often the perfect antidote to baby-induced crazies, in my experience. :)

  3. Em says:

    I had to laugh at Katelin’s comment – I definitely know what “carrying around an atomic clock” feels like!! Especially the nerves when you have a full cart of groceries and are afraid you might have to just abandon it halfway through! But yes, grocery shopping, and lots of other things, feel totally different now, and they will for you, too :)

  4. Proud of you and your first month with little Charlie!! Praying for you during this season and that things would just keep getting better and better! xo! p.s. Loved Charlie’s Halloween costume/hat! ;)


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